Last night I started watching episode 2 of The Pyramid Code. I finished it this morning. In those last 15 minutes, they were discussing the pyramids (not all of them) as machines for directing and focusing the natural (free) energy of the planet. When I have thought of energy in this way in the past, I have thought of electricity and how we use electricity today. When I was in Egypt, I had an experience of what I will call this flow of energy through me and I remember the words that came to me. I can/could power a city/kingdom/realm. I did not understand those words because part of the mental body went to electricity and lights and such. In this episode, there was an Egyptian offering his knowings and he suggested that the pyramids were designed to uplift human beings’ energies, to power people. He also suggested they were designed as the Earth’s frequencies were falling and it was to try to give clean, higher frequencies to people for as long as possible. This started to make sense to me. This is what I meant by knowing I could power a city.

Here it gets harder to put words to it again. There is still an edge I bump up against when I tap into these pieces. And so I stop speaking rather than say things I know are not correct. But this also does have to open, so I know I will say things that are not accurate as I weed my way through it. That is okay to. I know where I am heading. It was suggested to me recently to start to recall what I know about past golden ages, for I have access, even though there also remains a veil. So, anyway, from here, I start to have access to my connection to crystals and the crystal adventure from 8 years ago. And so many memories start to come flooding in. It think for now I will focus on the feeling that is available, since the thought/concept has edges still, and I will draw it to me from the feeling. Obviously not something so shareable at this time then. So, this will be shorter. But I can feel it this morning. And I had some words, so I wanted to capture for myself before they were gone.