April 19, 2020

Last night I was attuned in Level 4 of Magical Awakening. As usual, I gave first when we practiced the new tools as I never think about what I want to receive. The person I was partnered with wanted more joy in her life for a particular reason. I was going to go for more joy also as that is always fun.

But, as luck would have it, we had a 10-minute break between the two practice sessions. The thought landed that I would like more connection, more awareness, and more understanding in this Magical Awakening modality. So, that is what I asked for.

I have played previously with the person I was partnered with, so she knew me. We didn’t share a lot after, but one piece she said was highlighted. You were given Excalibur again. She remembers giving me Excalibur before. I am sure we “received” it as a tool in Level 3. Words are so funny. I have a concept that IS different from my prior experience, but the words are not different. Maybe I only mentally received it before is a fair way to share it.

When she shared this, I also “saw” a moment years ago in a Reiki session. The practitioner was given a lightsaber. She sliced through levels until she reached my center column, and then implanted this lightsaber into my being. It runs from below my first chakra to above my crown chakra. It is large. It is powerful. It is white light. It is a connection to below and it is a connection to above. I hear the reference to rod of power around it.

I felt the connection here. I am and have been aware that gifts I received energetically in the past I have not consciously been able to access or know how to use.

My practice partner last night said she heard the words: Work with Excalibur more.

I asked her what this meant to her as different thoughts landed for me. She asked our instructor what he thought. He spoke generically and offered different thoughts on it also. But the first two he said highlighted. Excalibur is about claiming your power and holding sovereignty of your own life.

In the sleep space last night, I found myself in a familiar space. I could see where I wanted to get to and I could see my holdback in claiming this next level of my power.

Up until now, and I can even hear myself sharing this with clients, when I am not aligned within on something, then I cannot create it yet or cannot dismantle it yet. I cannot mentally override my own truth. All I have been able to do is set the intention I know that is the direction I am going and let experiences find their way to unravel the blocks / beliefs within me.

I also remembered it was recently suggested to me a concept of creating reality in a new way. There was possibility of creating something possibly in this lifetime that is currently in motion but will take several incarnations to play it through. In context of how it was given, I was looking for steering humanity. But everything is always within, isn’t it?

So, I decided to change that piece last night. I decided to change the piece of accepting that parts of me were not ready for this shift. I saw it as stepping into, claiming my kingship. It was an energetic switch. I am not going to be able to explain what I did. The manual pieces won’t work for anyone else anyway. But the “bigger” significance is that now that I have done it, it is more accessible for others to find within themselves to do it also. It is also a potential I can offer now to those that work with me.

There was a recognition of the desire for the next step. There was a recognition of not being ready to. And there was a recognition I could choose it and it would have to shift.

There is a mudra I often do in the sleep space. It involves wrapping my arms like a double helix and resting one hand on my forehead. Somehow, that became one of the ways to receive and integrate Excalibur. There is no way to do that mudra wrong as the arms only bend in so many ways, but it took several tries to get it right.

There was a second physical piece I needed to accomplish also. I don’t remember it in this moment, but I know I was able to do it with the intention of claiming my kingship.

That is the key – doing a physical thing with the full knowing and intention.

Today is a magical day on so many levels. I drew Excalibur from the stone today.