Now, let us look the other direction in playing with expansion. Much has been seeded in these prior civilizations that has yet to fully flower. I see this aspect as expanding my beingness – expanding this Highness – into each individual person on the planet.

Horus – 11/02/2015

“And seeds were sown which continue to grow, to germinate within consciousness to this day. Indeed, there is a time for the fundamental principles on which Egypt was based to begin to flower more thoroughly now.”

Athena – 05/15/2017

“This energy of allowingness was represented in our Greek society, and to some degree, brought about the downfall of the Greek civilization, which was based less upon physical force. And yet, the roots of that which we established, the seeds that we established, continually arise and re-arise.

“Some great Greek principles have formed the foundation stone for the subsequent development … that becomes that society which recognizes all people as equals. This yet has some time to play out.

“The time was not yet right for a steady and stable civilization. Yet the roots and the seeds for such a stable civilization are now present.”


Atlantis – through the book Atlantean Secrets – The Return of the Flying Dragon

“You and Szar decided to attempt the deepest possible transformation. You were trying to transform matter. The black substance of Ahriman permeates physicality at a deep level where the human Spirit does not reach – hidden domains, which will not be tackled by human beings until the distant future. You tried to ignite matter with Spirit.”

Thoth – 05/15/2017

“Egypt was a very great civilization at its peak, and yet, the spirit of mankind, in moving forward, wanted more. There were certain principles in Egypt that were presented, and learned, and understood, and utilized. And yet for many common people, participation was somewhat more as a spectator than as an engagement in the higher energies that were possible within the Egyptian civilization.”

Yeshua – 03/28/2016

“For you, Marybeth, are expanding your very being into being, my dear, all of humanity.”