Yesterday, I found myself in a dialogue with Miss Cackle about our garden design. It opened from a Tarot card that I drew when visiting the Yew tree. I used the words in sharing that we are creating a magical garden (yard/patio) space. In looking back, I see that I have been feeling the magic of that space, and my excitement is that of a sculptor who brings through from the medium what is already there, makes it visible. And Miss Cackle understood it from Miss Cackle’s Academy of Magic, where you understand the correspondences between directions, trees, plants, elements, etc., and you create magic by working with these. They are called correspondences here. I understood the correlations from the Medicine Wheel from the SunDance Path.

Miss Cackle was seeing creating the garden space honoring the 8 directions, the 8 phases of the Moon, with trees and elements and plants. She suggested her correspondences were slightly different from traditional Druid/Celtic teachings and that I should feel into which might work best for me. She suggested that all agree South is hottest, so South will be the fire element.

I pulled out my SunDance Path book and found the appropriate medicine wheel, and in that tradition, fire is in the East, with the sun and the rising sun. I had a brief moment of confusion or overwhelm. How does it all work? How does one do it right? But, immediately, as I put attention on that, as I asked the questions, it came to me that since I am creating in this moment for a garden (yard) in England, that it will best respond to Druid/Celtic practice. I could just feel it. When we create a home in Sedona, Arizona, we can use the medicine wheel of one of the Native American traditions.

I had never seen that before, when to use which tradition, but as I did, it made perfect sense, of course.

I also had not thought of our design to look at the correspondences, or magic, in that way.  As I put attention on it, I saw it was not so simple in our space, as there are 4 separate spaces due to 4 separate levels. To work with the whole backyard space as one felt very disjointed to me. The idea came up to create a theme on each landing, one for each of the 4 elements. This one I can feel. I have always felt the different levels give different perspectives.

Unlocking in the dream space.

It was recently pointed to me, “One of the clear factors that has been landing for you, Marybeth, is this realization that you can call for events, you can call for occurrences, you can call for experiences. You can invoke, and in so doing, you are realizing that the power level at which you invoke is, in essence, set by yourself. At what level are you comfortable invoking power?”

Combine that with working directly with Anna from the book Anna: The Grandmother of Jesus recently. I don’t remember if I have shared any of that in this space, but it has been quite powerful recently.

From the waking state, I saw that the manual for which to use my power does not match how it actually is working. From this understanding, I realized I have a limiter put in – both on the output ability and on the ability to store the power.

I can now unlock it.

I can have access to all.

I recognize I have long had access to more power than I use. I recognize there is nothing that can happen to me that I cannot easily handle with the level of power/understanding/wisdom I have.

Am I willing to release the limiter?

What new opportunities do I want to say yes to that will utilize this level of growth?