Today is a hello to each of you who are walking with me by reading this. You have been on my mind lately and calling to me.

There is so much to catch up with and to share. Let me just start with today and then back into what still feels important from the last few months. There is so much happening. Do you feel it, too? Are you as excited as I am? All day yesterday, I kept noticing the smile I wore behind my eyes and my mouth. I do not know if they were visible because I didn’t look. But I was so aware of the feeling of the smile. And equally aware it is a general happiness that was just bubbling up. Or you can call it contentment, or bliss, or ecstasy. Which feeling makes you smile?

I woke this morning breathing in depth and breadth of blessings for myself.

How often do you find yourself starting your day that way? That was a first for me in that particular way. And I chose to do it consciously and to receive it when I noticed it. In the same moment, I saw that blessing flowing through me to all who touch me today, all who think about me today, all who come into my presence physically or energetically. And, yes, you are correct. There is no time limit of today being the 13th of December 2021. Today is today. Today is the day you are reading this, or even just have a thought of me.

I love how we come in and out of each other’s presence. I love the dance. I feel very deeply this holding hands as we each find our way through the transitions of this time on earth.

I am enjoying watching myself grow again. I am enjoying what I hear come out of my mouth for the first time, or when I take the time to put words to a deep feeling of love that comes closer to the surface. In the small groups I play in, in email communications with others, and in experiences around The Gables (our home in Glastonbury) recently, I find I am more energy than I used to be. Or maybe you could say I am more aware of my energy, like naming the smile I felt yesterday. So much of what I do simply generates energy in another, or in others.

Yesterday I found myself writing to someone we have not met yet, and who is asking to rent our studio / temple space, ‘The vision that is growing is building a community around us that feel this as a shared home/work space, a sacred space to come or to bring others to refresh, relax, rejuvenate, transform, enliven, enrich, nourish, awaken, uplift.’ I recognize this is the same for my website building and community as well. This is me currently. The conscious generator of chosen energies.