I went to the Glastonbury Goddess conference at the end of July. It was a 6-day event. One of the days was a 10-hour meditation really. Most was shamanic journeying.

I took a few notes during the day.

“So much landed. But so few words today. It all feels so obvious, so simple. My ‘wildness’ is indeed safe and appropriate and natural, and it is just new. It is time for a new spin of the wheel. I have always done this. I will bring ‘goddess’ into this timeline as I have done in the past.”

And I wrote, “I am ready to pick up my mantle.” And I laughed because I felt the intention and commitment with which I said that, but in my here-now reality, I recognized I didn’t know what that even meant. So, I asked google when I got home. With what I read, I thought it probable that I was ready to take on a new role.

One of the big paintings of a Goddess seemed to always be in my awareness during the 10-hour meditation day. Eventually (after 9 ½ hours), I decided to ask who it was. I was told, Sophia, the goddess of wisdom. But I knew there was more. I knew I had looked something up earlier and Sophia was referred to. Here is some of what I journaled when I looked it up again.

Sophia is also the bride of God.

Sophia is Isis is Magdalene.

I remembered my connection as a child was being the bride of Christ.

I remembered my connection with Yeshua as he came into the MA work felt sexual.


Sophia is calling (at conference.)

Isis is calling. I have felt her since our move to Glastonbury.

Magdalene has called and spoken directly.


Am I prepared to bring in this essence that I am into this physical incarnation?

Am I willing to be the bride of Christ?

To be Isis, the Mother of Creation?

To hold and be the Wisdom?

Am I willing to bring this in and find expression for it in this lifetime, in this density?


Yes, I am ready to continue this journey. I pick up my mantle. I will play this role.