… Or are we already there?

We went physically back to Glastonbury for two days this week for a crystal activation and expansion. Energetically it felt to me that we had not left. I do not feel like I am visiting there. It is simply my home, or one of my many homes. While we were there, we came to an agreement on terms with the owner for a six-month let, allowing it to be open-ended for us both, but allowing a time to let things settle to see what unfolds and what we all want to do going forward. We are all very aware that much happens and changes in six months now. So, that move happens officially in June.

That part just was. It was physical pieces that had to happen. But the interesting part to me is what happened immediately afterwards, yet again. It has been a long time coming in some ways. I have asked to initiate a healing channel for a friend of ours. I no longer know what I am capable of and I wanted to explore it more directly. And then something came up with another friend, so with both of their permissions, I wanted to see what we could do.

Yesterday we held our first healing session. Based on what I had seen and what felt was being offered, we invoked Yeshua. But Rick had to pause going into the channeling itself saying another being was there and was offering to work with us to connect us to the crystals from Glastonbury and if we wanted to, could we please get the crystals we had in our home before we continued.

This was a bigger space than we had been aware of. Yeshua did overlight the experience and did come in to speak after it, but most of it was a meditational space where Rick spoke out loud the visions he was seeing. The way we had set up the crystals offered a container with which to allow the energy to collect, or it allowed us to charge the space and then to direct it specifically to the person we were holding the session for. We could both feel it as how the stone circles were used. They make much more sense to me after that experience. It was a tangible experience.

I am not certain in that one if we did anything with the Glastonbury crystals, but we knew that piece would be added or expanded on for the next session. As I looked at the next session, I knew it needed to be done this morning. There were so many synchronicities that I could see now in why we waited until now.

So, we set up for the second session this morning. I knew to not have any expectations for it to be directed by a specific being or to expect it to look anything like yesterday’s, even though yesterday’s seemed very powerful. And this one was very different. As Rick started the session by saying his normal “and it is Rick and Marybeth present”, that so did not resonate with me. I felt there were many, many beings present. Sometimes, everybody shows up. This was one of those times.

Time will tell how powerful it really was from the results of these friends’ experience. But I felt the power in them for both of our friends. Yet it was pointed to very clearly that many beings were present to pass on the healing abilities to us directly into the physical, so there would be no reliance on other beings. They were teaching us by experience. And within the session, there were several different pointers back to the connection with Glastonbury and the crystals we had just participated with activating.

I knew I would be playing with crystals and healing when we were living there. I did not see it jump-starting and using that energy to start now.

When I was in Sedona to activate a crystal, I remember connecting with a certain tree, saying, “Okay, I am here. How do I find this crystal?” I felt, I knew, I heard the cry go out through the roots, “She’s here! She’s here!” And I knew I would find the crystal. And when I feel the crystal that we expanded around the Tor from the Glastonbury home, I feel an antenna, a “radio wave” going out saying, “They are here!” I feel like it is sending out the information to draw people to us, things to us.

In some ways, it feels like much is going to happen in that space. And at the same time, I have to say that I see it has already begun. We are a part of that space. We have already opened to it and it is accessible to us. And things are moving.