Lama Khentrul Rinpoché is teaching at our home again today. He offers an overview of the Kalachakra Tantra. The Kalachakra Tantra is said to hold within it all of the Buddhist practices, all of the ancient wisdom, and their creation story, how the world of creation works. My interest in attending was coming from awareness in knowing I am / we are rewriting the foundational creation stories now. It can help to have an understanding of what has already been created, what is known, to be able to create a shift, an evolution. The Buddhist piece is a large piece on the earth plane.

From a Google page: The Kalachakra Tantra teaches that due to our connection to Shambhala, this world will one day experience a Golden Age. This result will only occur however, if the people of this world create the causes for it to arise. For this reason, Khentrul Rinpoché has dedicated his life to gathering the conditions to usher in a time of lasting peace and harmony.

When I saw this, I saw the opportunity to make a connection with one of the beings who is working directly at bringing in this Golden Age I am so aware of. Maybe the work he is doing has laid the groundwork for what I am doing, and there is possibility to overlap consciously the two pieces.

Leading up to the event, I noticed a couple interesting energetics. I had a reaction to Rinpoché needing a throne to sit on that had to be higher than any in attendance. I noticed my reaction. And I thought. I can learn from this. I am aware that different people can hear through different modalities. Some need it to be from an authority, someone willing to stand up before them and make the claim. I know I need and wish to be willing to play such roles. I knew if I kept this reaction within me that I had, then I would not be able to give at that level. I chose to let it go. I am okay with what opens at that level also. He has a personal assistant. I noticed I liked that, as I know I will have a personal assistant as I start to travel more. One will come.

I was not expecting anything along the lines of learning from his teachings. That did not cross my mind. But I did consider he may be a good role model for what I am stepping into. I did consider he may be more of an equal to where I play, who I am, like we are doing more of the same thing. Yet he and I are different also, of course. As I sat in the room, I recognized clearly these differences. As he asked questions, I saw I could not answer him. My answers were outside what he was bringing through. It would not be helpful in that setting. The people there paid to hear him speak. And I saw that I now will make a better teacher than a I do a student. All parts of me are now aligned and ready. I just know.