I am pleased with myself. I had the thought yesterday or the day before that it is time to write again. I received two beautiful validations highlighting this yesterday, and planting the idea to make it available again to others. And today when I woke at 5 am, I got up and created a new blog. I am becoming very quick at listening to my inner wantings.

I do not have a specific purpose yet for this blog. But I know it is time. Much is happening – I am sure for all of us. I found myself feeling impatience a couple days back. As I looked at that, I felt that there is a power and a puzzle piece that I would like to bring into this world. Right now, my medium is writing or speaking. So here I am at a blog once again.

I was surprised when I looked back at the last post on my old blog. I was exploring the concept of not knowing my name, understanding an energetic signature a bit more, stepping into an expanded identity, and feeling caught up, complete in my postings. That was November 2012.

Much has happened since then. My physical name has changed with a new marriage. For me it seems to happen often that I feel like I am a new person, and I am at that stage again. And it is time to open my journey again to any who wish to walk with me and to play.