One last piece for this series of updates.

I was contemplating the new experience of not being heard.

I heard the words of The Voice of the Magdalene when they first spoke to me, over a year ago now. They were words at the time that surprised me. And I think surprised me every time I read it afterwards because it was one of those things I didn’t really understand. I am referring here to the energies of opposition spoken of. Here it is in context.

“And part of this comes with the recognition of the divinity that is Marybeth. It is the alignment, the coordination, the synchronistic reverberation that provides this powerful link into this higher Magdalene order. The more you choose to draw upon this energy, the more potently available it becomes. Physical transformations are possible through this energy. There is a potency of life force, even as you recently experienced a greater potency of life force in your visit to the Eden project. There is such a life force available to you, ongoing in all domains. In your agreement to don and align with these energies, there will be energies of opposition. And yet that opposition is no different than the principle of momentum to which we have referred. For those energies are simply running with their existing momentum.”

In my own understanding of this answer that was given, in my own understanding of the energies simply running with their existing momentum, I simply knew I could hold what I know with stability. The words that came out of my mouth were “I am in.” And there was a smile.

It was so reminiscent of days long ago when all I could do was say “Yes!” and then wonder what I just said yes to. The feeling was the same in the knowing, in the “Yes!” What has changed is my knowing of what I am agreeing to. I have come a long way.

I am in. I can do this. With joy and love.