About two or three weeks back, I saw two ideas land on things I want to do. This was exciting for me to recognize. One, I am understanding more and more this quality in my being that allows things to open for others when I am with them. I love how it feels when others draw on this. People think it must drain me because so much power flows, but that has not been my experience. I just feel beautiful. I have been looking for a while now how to do something that will allow people to reach for me. How do I offer an avenue to create these experiences? I have often had sessions with energy workers where they have received gifts they were excited about within the session they did for me. I do feel like I am so slow sometimes! The idea just landed now to start to invoke and use this natural gift more consciously and work with others more directly, turn it on by command instead of simply allowing it to flow. I have started to share the idea. It is spoken now. It has begun.

The second piece I saw because I recognized I wanted to go visit one of our neighbors that I had been introduced to. I just feel called. She used to channel, but only when she was with a specific person. Now she would like to be able to do when she wants to. I have been invoking that same space. I asked Rick what he thought about doing some sessions with our neighbor and me to focus on bringing this through. Yes, I see I am willing to ask him to do it for her, but I never ask him so directly to do it for me. So be it. No worries if others gain from it as well. Funny structures I have yet. It is hard to ask somebody to do something just because I want it. As I asked Rick, even though he is so busy, he immediately felt energy flow around it, had a lot of ideas land, and felt the Voice of the Magdalene as one of the front voices to offer assistance. He felt strongly this Voice was to give us back our Voice. I could feel in that space that I would be willing to teach that. Obviously, I am not capable yet, but I am so aware this is possibly the only time I felt I would be willing to teach something. It is a big piece. That was a fun experience, feeling the flow of energies just turn on. And I was surprised at the words I spoke. I am learning to listen when I speak. I made the claim that “Of course Universe would respond instantly when I ask for something. How could it be anything else?”

And just yesterday, Rick asked if I would be willing to help him with his breath work. The response I heard in my mind was, “Sure, if you are willing to help me learn to channel.” I have never had that type of thought before. It surprised me. Yes, I am listening. It must be time to get this next piece moving.