I had an experience a couple days back already, and again did not take the time in the moments of it to try to express it. So, I will try today from memory.

Most likely you will have to put your own vocabulary to my choice of words because I do not really have words yet. In Mastering Alchemy, we were introduced to God Particles a while back. Of these, two of them in particular were individual and unity. These concepts are one way of expressing my observations, as I see this as an example of flowing with ease between the two, and even being, or expressing from, each of the two seemingly opposite God Particles at the same time.

So I have experienced the feeling and the knowing of my personal power expanding. I feel it as power within me. I know I am capable in ways I have not experienced before. And even that is not really exciting or a big aha. But I do feel the power in it. I do recognize it. I do acknowledge it. And I do like it. As I say those words out loud, I see even that space is new for me. But I also see it is an integral part of this particular stepping up or expansion.

Now, along with this level of power, I was starting to also see, as a result maybe, the loss of boundaries around the manifestation of it. It was not about me at all. There were no edges, thus no boundaries. It became very open-ended. Everyone stepped into their own power and choice. Many participated and contributed. And I do not have a clear correlation anymore of what is mine, of what I brought into these experiences, as compared to what others brought. Yet I know I contributed, and I know it was from a greater level of power than I have felt before.

As I looked at it, I saw it as the proverbial candle, and when we step into our power we become the light on the candlestick. Well, at one level, and I will call this a somewhat lesser level of contribution, we can be the light that others can see and they can use to help “guide their ship.” But this new level that I was watching, I think, was being the light in such a way that others just stepped into the light themselves and empowered their own light. And from there, it was no longer about me. It became impersonal. From this analogy, I will say I watched many step into their own light, or maybe just ignite it a step up, as I am not saying it was entirely new to anyone either. It flowed with great ease. It just happened.

I have not seen this before, or at least not consciously recognized it. I saw what I put in motion. At the end of the experience, I heard many comments validating that what I set in motion consciously was indeed accomplished – and many simply said, “By the grace of God.” So, in some ways, this has always been in motion. We have always experienced the “grace of God.” So here again, there are not clear boundaries as to how this experience was influenced by each of us. Yet it obviously was.

As I read what I wrote, I suggest that maybe this is the first time I have consciously used my power in a situation involving others so directly. I believe I have really avoiding this before. But here, I knew I knew what to do.

Prior to Dad’s transition I knew I held the space for Dad and for all the immediate family. And, again, I am not quite sure how this works, so not quite sure how to say it. I could say I invoked it. I really watched it as observing it and knowing what I was doing. So, I can say it was not evoked from a logical or mental thought of “Oh, we need to do this next.” But after his transition, I watched the space that I was holding expand outward (pretty massively) to include all the people and events that would be touched by Dad’s wake and funeral. I always felt like I was aligned with Dad, and others. It never felt like it was about me. Yet I knew it was me that could create and hold the structure that would allow it to play out as it was “wished” for. And there was no doubt within me that I could do so. It was really just watching it happen energetically, and then participating physically.

There will most likely be more about this later, but in the last two weeks, I have been much more conscious of walking consistently with Yeshua. Again, I feel this unity God Particle in a new way. I am still me as an individual, yet I am knowing myself as Yeshua also. The words have always been there, and in some ways, the experience also. Dad’s funeral was held at Holy Name of Jesus, the Catholic Church I grew up in. And during it, I had many simply magnificent experiences – one was seeing my faith as it began and where it has led me – like a slide show or a mini life review. I have always walked consciously with Jesus in some ways, and yet I do recognize it is different now. I am different now.

One thing I did very consciously invoke at this time, the wake and the funeral, was the Magdalene energies. Normally, I do just observe what I see and acknowledge it and work from there. But this was a space I chose to add to purposefully from this consciousness.