Another month has passed. I wonder where each of you is on your journey, in awakening to who you are. I do not get to speak to most of you on a regular basis anymore. I feel that the different worlds available to us have become more pronounced. And as I write that, I believe I mean they have become more separated. I have seen for a long time how different people live in different words on this same Earth. But it feels like it has changed. In some ways, it feels like there is more choice than ever. Maybe there is less default than before. Maybe we all have to choose a path now. Jim Self from Mastering Alchemy used to talk about not being able to sit on the fence to much longer. Maybe that is just becoming obvious to me.

One piece I remember experiencing about two weeks ago now was a new level of power available to me, or within my being, or that I am. Not that I thought my power level was loud or bulky a month ago, but it felt so smooth, so quiet, as I noticed it. As I attuned, to try to put words to it, I found my mind equated “still” with “power.” Yes, that now seems very obvious, and I know I had heard it and understood it before. But now I am that. Or, yes, simply another level of that.

Since then, I have had reflections back from experiences of this power being used. The one highlighted in this moment to share was a “simple” conversation with a friend. I am used to people having aha moments with me. I am used to things happening for others when we are together. But this person highlighted several times during this one conversation how incredible this was, what she was able to see and to change within her.

It has been suggested to me several times now that it is time to make myself more available for others to find me. This last time it was suggested, I know I received it in a deeper way. I feel like it is possible now. I don’t know if I will start in person or online first. But I can see offering both. I see a group gathering. I see me talking for a few minutes or longer on a topic. And then I see opening up a Q&A conversation. Quite simple really.

Another experience or set of experiences I remember is allowing myself to expand into more of the issues being presented and highlighted on the earth plane right now. It is almost engaging in them, but it is not quite that. When finding myself there, I found I was learning how to hold and choose within that space. I wish I remembered an example to share, but I do not. As always, I know I would appreciate it if I wrote this down quicker. Maybe that will be an added benefit to offering sessions to groups. I will most likely put experiences into words quicker and that will make them more tangible.

I am grateful for the clarity and the knowing that I experience and that I am.