I am curious what I am going to share here. There are many threads open and moving today.

I would like to go back to the conversation with Rick earlier today and see if I can tease out what I am seeing about creation, creating. It is close. My message, my teaching, what I see and am willing to share.

Seeding my energetic signature onto that which I want. Not needing to try to take physical action at this point to make it happen. Start to unweave the “taboo” around using nature, working with nature. I.E. with respect to the immune system and covid. Yes, information is available already, yet it is taboo from medical and government sources. Yesterday, from the UK government, it was stated that “people will be allowed to make their own decisions about what is safe, instead of behaviour being determined by laws.” Can the government start to advise on vitamins, sunshine etc. in addition to advising on vaccines? Let us start to remove this taboo. Pharmaceutical companies maybe the result, highlighted so we can see it, not the problem. Let us agree to look at what the underlying core is. I intuitively feel the underlying core is that we are nature, human beings are nature.

This is not the direction I was intending today. Nor is it cohesive or complete as I read it.

I am looking at how we move forward as humanity, how we expand or grow consciousness. We are creating a new world. Actually, we are creating a new world in every moment. We are awakening to who we are. Observe, choose, act. As the government sees that human behavior cannot be determined by laws, can it step forward in being the advisor? Can it be a hub that offers top-notch research to give the information for the citizens to make conscious and informed decisions. And can we not stop there. Can we repeat the cycle. Can we see the results of the different actions, individually and collectively, provide new data, new research, so that we can confirm our decision or make a new one for our next action point.

Enough for today. Start to write daily again. Much is happening.

I would like to say thank you again to those of you that take the time to connect with me here, and thank to those who have recently commented on my shares, and thank you to the new followers. I know I have stepped into a new level of being recently. And I feel I am swooshing through a transition myself. I often watch it and hear it in others and I feel I change in myself, yes, but it is more steady. This one is happening at an extraordinary speed. I don’t see all of it yet.