April 22, Steph and Fiona and I met to discuss managing the spiritual center. It was amazing seeing the three of us together. It was interesting to be on Zoom, due to coronavirus social distancing, and see the three of us, as well as being a part of the group energy. The three faces of the goddess. We all saw it. I felt the beauty and connection so deeply, I had tears in my eyes for the first ½ hour. I think all we really did there was integrate the beginning point. Structure of managing, that had been the sticking point why they called me in, I saw was sticking because it was too early to build that. It may look quite different under the combined energy of the three of us. Steph sees very clearly The Gables has an energy of its own and has an expression to bring through and she wishes to honor that. That aligns with what I, or Rick and I, have seen and experienced also. That was an amazing meeting.

Yesterday, in the early morning hours, I was seeing / remembering past channeled sessions having to do with The Gables, this land, the event center, and also with energies as I landed in Glastonbury. I am doing a check in with both Steph and Fiona to see if I can share the transcriptions directly. Does that medium work for them? I also noted out loud we met under a balsamic Aries moon, just prior to it going void of course.


I believe I often have seen past channeling information when Fiona and I get together, and I always think I am going to find it to share. Normally when I think it, I can find it within minutes. But I do not remember actually sharing any of it with her yet. Maybe the time is now. Maybe it was waiting for Steph to join?? Or maybe Steph will prefer not to play with it in that format and it will come through us in a different way. Either way, or many ways, much is beginning and opening now.

Fiona was aware of the moon also at the time of the initial meeting. I wonder if Steph, in her Earth work, works with an awareness of the moon also.

I can feel this space opening. We are about to have a lot of fun.

The first time Steph was here, Rick and I joined the program she, Ben & Kim were offering. She did an invocation of the four directions at the beginning and included the little people (or the faeries). I knew Kim. We had already connected. Ben brought in play. I believe he connected ritual or ceremony to the word play. Steph acknowledged the little people, and then someone mentioned that she does not normally do that. That was the opening event of The Gables as a spiritual center. Steph and Ben (their higher selves) both spoke to me, like an agreed upon secret handshake. I recognized it. It was one of the pieces, one the acknowledgements from higher aspects of the significance of what we were starting then.

Wow!! Oh my. And Fiona was there that initiation weekend also, for the Saturday evening Kirtan. Goosebumps through my body. She danced. Participated. Wove her energy into the new creation. It was so highlighted to me that she was there that evening. Wow.

I did not see that coming when I started to write this morning.