I mentioned earlier, but I will repeat it here. I have heard the word “celebration” used in ways I do not understand the meaning. I am asking to know this meaning.

I probably have spoken of this one before also. I hold a question on protection yet. I know I do not understand it fully. I know I am massively protected. I have been told this and shown this over and over. I was just told again recently. Why do I need to know this? Is there a place I am holding back because not all of me knows this yet? I am guessing there is a place I can use this information, I can draw from it to assist me. Where do I not feel secure? Where do I need to call this knowing that I do hold into? Okay. That is spoken in a new way. I am interested to see this answer unfold.

I am seeing here my newfound ability to ask questions, to see something I do not understand and not just accept it, but ask for more information. It is so interesting to me how long it has taken me to be able to do this. That is so not an issue for most people that I know. But I see the changed in me, and I am pleased.

I hold a much deeper appreciation today, in the last week or two, for my beloved non-physical friends and all the gracious ways they have touched me, and helped me to wake up, and gave me support and encouragement and held me so protected. For so long, I held a wish that they would have been more direct, and would have woken me up with a flash of light and told me what I came here to do, or gave me a job that had value, or a book to write. Now, I just see how they have always been with me. I see, feel, hear their graciousness. I feel our Love for each other. My life has been a beautiful unfolding. I do not see the irritation that used to lie there over that desire that it had unfolded differently. I think there is only love and appreciation left. I am loved.