I see an energy flow behind things sometimes. I see it now as the wave we are constantly looking for to be able to ride. Sometimes I see it for others, when they speak of something they are thinking about doing, or something they want. I have started to be willing to add to what others are thinking about doing, to add to the vortex I see is being created. Sometimes I will put words to it, but not always. Regardless of words, I understand the raise in energy can be felt by others. My love can be felt, and others reflect it back to me. Or does it begin with them and I am reflecting it back? I say / think that with a smile because, does it matter?

What does matter is maybe that is what this life is about, having more people that can really feel it and reflect back that they can feel it. A high enough energy that Love can really start to work properly again on our beloved Planet.

From a past session (2013): “There has been considerable focus on the alignment of relationship. The benefit of that relationship and the work that you have both done has not yet been fully felt. It is in the activating of these Love energies in a different way that brings you access to an actual power source.”

I think we have hit this power source now in a way that has to be seen.

I always felt that the pointer in that session would include our finances. It has, in my opinion. And now, I see this power starting to flow over into other relationships. This love energy, that is in some ways simply me, has become an actual power source.

In a dream two nights ago, I broke through my fear of and my inability to speak in front of others. It was just gone. It was within an experience. I deliberately stepped into a heart / Love connection and spoke from that, and knew I could speak again, express again. I was no longer limited. It wasn’t a big deal really in the dream, or in the waking space. It just feels natural. But I think it may have been a profound shift that just landed with such ease. We shall see.

When I recognized above that we have hit this power source, I felt like I was referring to me in both the power source and the being seen.

I am also way closer this morning to breaking through that separation aspect where I have not known how to hold this. The closet words I have is: as I step into it, as I acknowledge it is me, it is available then to all and in that same instant it is no longer about me. The power, the ability to ride the wave, simply belongs to the other. They feel alive in themselves.

  • Notes here are from September 6, 2018