I am in appreciation. I am learning. I hold much gratitude for the direct channeled sessions that Rick and I do. The graciousness and the pointers from the non-physical beings are immense. I see how they role model for me what it is that I wish to express. They know me so well, and they give me permission. And I do understand fully that I do not need their permission in any way, but their words and energy make me aware that I can give myself permission to do the same thing. It brings it to my awareness in a way that I see clearly what I want, and not in a hopeful or wishful way, but in a “Yes, I’ll have that.” way.

A little while back, I saw clearly different people in my life who have realities that do not overlap mine at all. I do not feel any resonance with what they experience. There was a point where I watched how some of them were progressing and I gave myself permission to be more what I wanted to be, even if that was only my reality and no one else resonated with it. It was quite freeing. In seeing it mirrored now in a way that I wish to follow the example, it simple fills me with immense love.

Sometimes I find myself in situations where the person I am with is having a big experience, and as I look within me, I do not have the same access to the energy they are feeling. In the past, I have often tried to be in their experience. As I look at it now, I think that is because that is what is modeled to us. We look to have similar experiences so we can share them, so we can validate them. There is not a problem with this desire; I just have felt not good at that.

So, I asked for a new perspective. I was not told that I was doing something wrong, or that I should try to look at something a different way. But I was shown what it is that I do see in those moments. I see the lack of connection. My own lack of resonance, lack of connection, is an indication that this person, in this instance, is living in their own reality. Now, there is value to the exploration of these realities, and yet the value is gained through the opportunity to provide a link into the broader reality. So, since I can see it, and now I can be aware of it, I can more consciously offer a connection from this reality that they hold into the broader reality. It is just being a bridge in a new way. This is familiar territory. It was very helpful to me to see it this way.

And I asked specifically about the tremor I experienced the other day, especially pronounced by how it turned off in an instant, in synchronicity with being asked if a healing was coming through for the person I was with.

“There is a recognition in yourself of that moment with Yeshua, where somebody touches his energy and he is aware that something is drawn. This is a capability that you are going to develop and expand further. In this particular instance, this has been made unmistakably obvious, so it can be seen.”

And yes, I had recognized the possibility of that very same analogy. So, yes, I have been softening myself and allowing this to become something I know. I have been saying I am ready. And so, I am.

I looked at the answer from another perspective also. I was not told I was incorrect in considering if it was also more old pieces that needed to leave to step into this expression of me. I was simply taken to the energy, to the vibration of what is now possible, what I have been shown tangibly, and with a witness. And I like this! This is how I work with others. This is how I uplift. And I feel very honored to be treated in such a way. And that makes me even more pleased with myself in how I work with others. It was a new level of high. I feel blessed. The amount of Love that I can flow has increased tangibly. I am happy.