Seems like a lifetime, but my calendar says it’s been 22 days since I met the friend/mentor of a friend/teacher. She comes from a known maternal line of following the ancient ways of magic, seeing and know the correspondences, how all things interrelate. She has looked at other traditions but has found she is really at home in the Celtic / Britain / Druid ways. She has become my teacher, not that she teaches any longer. She has retired. But I paid her today in acknowledgement of the wisdom I am receiving from her. No invoice, no request of payment. I think she is enjoying as much as I am, but I felt the energetic flow to do so. I also felt that is the way I expect to be paid going forward in some of the work I do. I believe that may be how shamans and witches have always been paid. But that is a sidetrack.

We will call this new teacher Miss Cackle. I shared with Miss Cackle today that the thoughts and pointers she shares are opening me, reminding me, how I like to play on this Earth plane. I resonate with the connections between all. I know this.

The following is a snippet of something Miss Cackle sent me a few days back.
“If you look at my Tree Festival handout you will see that the Yew Tree rules Hallowe’en. However, as it is rare to find a Yew that isn’t in a churchyard, if you want to (surreptitiously!) gather some twigs that have been given to you on the ground by the tree for your sacred seasonal shelf, then I suggest that you start looking soon for a friendly Yew tree near you where you can go to gather just before or on the 31st.”

I felt the energy in me highlight. This is fascinating.
Just the day before, I had made plans to go visit the ancient Yew tree in Fortingall, Scotland on the 26th of October.
This immediately felt significant to me.
I shared with Miss Cackle that it may be technically too early, but it will be perfect for me, I am guessing.

Early the next morning, I received a call from Miss Cackle. She had read the brief Email share I sent to her and she could not sleep after that, also feeling the energy flow behind this. It was too much to write, so she had waited until an appropriate time to call.

She stressed that actually the 26th October is the perfect time for me to be going. The ancients most likely would have celebrated the Moon festivals in sync with the moon phases. For example, October 31 is based on the Gregorian calendar, which was instituted in 1582, while the nearest dark moon at the end of autumn is October 25 – 27. So, going on the 26th is when the magic is the most powerful with that tree. And at that time, the moon will be in Libra. It will be crossing my natal midheaven sometime that morning. She was seeing the midheaven as the face shown to the public, or job/career at all levels. For me, in this instance, she was seeing that this is about a spiritual job.

We have had several more Emails go back and forth, with more ideas, pointers, and even a request from her.

This is how I want to travel. I love the synchronicities. I love the feel. I love connecting to the different lands that we touch. I love waking up.

Wikipedia says: The Fortingall Yew is at the geographical heart of Scotland and stands within Fortingall churchyard. It is thought to be between 3,000 and 9,000 years old and has connections to early Christianity in Scotland. It is also believed to be one of the oldest living things in Europe.