Are you feeling that life has become a bit crazy too??

I sat down to write 10 days ago. I got as far as writing the date. The page is still blank. I don’t even remember what was important then. I just remember something was. I think something new has landed every day since then. It would have been pretty amazing to have captured how it all landed. I think I need to create a new structure from which to write. I think my old ways are losing (or have lost) their effectiveness. Or maybe it is good old-fashioned discipline (structure) that is needed, and I have just become too fluid or allowing. Not writing is an option, of course, but I don’t think that is my current choice.

I sort of apologize because this, again, is a superficial catch-up, an overview. I would prefer to write more from within the energy and see if you want to play there with me.

New pieces landed on the Cities of Light – first linking Sedona to Glastonbury yet again, and then understanding we have somewhat of a blueprint of how to bring these Cities more into the physical plane, to utilize them more. This, in itself, felt like it was something that could expand for quite some time.

Then pieces landed on using this Cities of Light information to understand more tangibly what it means to bring in a Golden Age. One way to do it is with these Cities of Light. That sounds like such an obvious statement now, but I don’t think I was aware of that a week ago.

And that is case in point why it is so impossible now to write “after the fact”. I simply do not remember it the way it was once the new pieces land.

Not long ago, I was feeling the joy and stability in thinking about being here in Glastonbury for a full year in this home, and was actively looking at different properties to see if we wished to purchase here. And we might yet, but things have changed already. Our landlord had a change in plans yet again, and that caused us to step back and look at what we really wanted to do.

I have several family events coming up later this year, and Rick has business and potential spiritual events to attend in the US as well, same time frame. Around that focus of being in the US, I saw I really wanted to spend more time in Sedona. I really loved it when we lived there for a month right under Thunder Mountain. So, we decided to do a 6-month rental contract here and then move our stuff out, and spend 3 months in the US. And that felt and feels exciting!! I feel like since we have committed to only 6 months here, then things will start to come together for what we want to do in the US. And it has shifted form at least once already. And, of course, there is much to be done (or opened) here in the next 6 months.

We have been working with a friend who is looking to take his Thailand-based business international. We had a discussion one morning looking at where they are and we recognized they are actually stuck energetically. We saw how to expand back out to have a re-look at the pieces and to realign energies. I saw both Rick and I becoming more aware of what we bring to the table and what we have to offer to others. I saw a new job opportunity for Rick, if he wanted it.

We have someone wanting to rent our property in Portugal right now. We have delved into Portugal law and written up a contract. We are looking to fly out to Portugal so do a good clean and make sure everything is in good working order as we have not been there in a long time. And we have had to step back and look to realign energies to see how to take it forward when issues came up. It was quite fun to understand our dealing is really with “Universe”, not with this particular person. And it was fun to be able to not get caught up in the energies being offered and to do a reset and look again at what we do want. It will be fabulous to get someone living in that home again. We are not there enough.

Business is expanding yet again. There is much that opens on this front.

And in the midst of many different projects one day, I could feel adding one more major piece into our mix. This would combine business, spirituality, and family. This is a potential that has been slowly unfolding. We have seen glimpses. We knew something needed to be said. But there had not been a way forward, so it has just sat really. Every time we looked at it to move it forward or take it off the list, there was energy behind it yet, but not the productive type of energy. “Suddenly,” as we could call it in linear time, I had a “hit” to plant a seed and say something. That seed was responded to immediately. Then it was watered a little bit, and it has taken off. The potential is now on the table to be looked at. It is exciting on many layers, not the least was experiencing weaving that thread into all the other threads we are working on … before it was tangibly physically available to work with. I felt the space open to draw it in.

We met with a woman yesterday who is doing work in neuro-science. She has understood the link the eyes have with our beliefs, and therefore our results. She has used some simple equipment to trick the brain and separate physical feeling from seeing, and delayed the sight enough so that the feeling happens first and then the eyes see the result to verify the result – as opposed to the eyes seeing and leading the belief and the physical feeling. We watched work that was done on someone with cerebral palsy. His wrists were bent forward. With the equipment changing his vision, he was able to move his wrists, first straight, and then ending backwards! Amazing work! She has had success with dementia and blindness, just to name what I remember in this moment. She worked on both Rick and I separately, and as she did, I understood more and more what she was saying.

Today, more pieces landed. We were playing with thoughts on perception, and what we believed. I saw that there are times more and more lately where I “have to” bring myself back because I “forget” where I am. For example, I was looking at Glastonbury homes for sale and in several of the back yards, I could feel I was in Sedona. I felt there was a “mistake” in that, without thinking that. What I really was aware of in the moment was reminding myself I am looking at Glastonbury homes.

Looking back, I see sometimes I know where I am, but I think there are other times I pull myself back and I am not aware of where I have been. I have been saying for a while now that I can do way more than what is in front of me in this current life. I am only using a fraction of the power I have available right now. I am aware of that. I am aware I have been asking to be able to work with my consciousness outside this body, to be able to remotely see / sense, or to be able to astral travel. I could see that in calling myself back, that I had actually “gone” somewhere. I saw this is what I have been asking for, but when it has arrived, it did not come with enough bells or whistles or aha’s for me to see it. I just thought my mind was funny or not quite focused.

But what if I can become more aware, and instead of using my eyes to tell me what reality I am in and should be in, and allow habit to simply bring me back, what if I start to recognize where I am at both levels of me and see what else I can see from there?  I understood now it is not all or nothing with me. It is not about going into a trance or leaving my body behind completely, it is simply that I do not need all my consciousness in this body to be successful at what I am doing here. The simple analogy came to me that it is like driving a car in America. You can do it on automatic. And you can be doing other things while driving. So once we see the mechanism pulling us back to this reality, we can drop that need, that habit or that belief, and allow part of ourselves to go out and explore. If I spent more time here, I could get better words. This is very rudimentary, but all the time I want to spend on this.

Once again, I find myself in a place where major changes are taking place daily. Each one could take months or years to unpack and delve into. But they keep coming. I do not know how to do each piece justice. But I trust I know what I am doing. It feels great. It is not too much at all. I just really feel I have lots of choices now.

I stepped earlier into allowing for “outrageous abundance” in my life. There was a feel to that combination of words that I felt would work for me. In this moment, I will say I have been successful in achieving that vibration and result!

On a more mundane level, I bought a rebounder in this last week. Bouncing makes me happy. And I can tell myself I am getting regular exercise just by playing. It is a very easy solution. It is good as it is, yet I hope that bringing focus to my body regularly again will turn on the desire for other workouts as well. And there is that time question…