Many pieces have “suddenly” come together regarding what we are creating.

Long ago, a reading I had spoke of two Indian guides with me. One was Native American Indian, the other India Indian. I think I have been least aware of the India one. Yet, after all these years, I was reminded of this one just a couple months back. As things were landing recently, I felt / saw that it is my India guide that is drawing me / calling me to Thailand. The morning of the day when all the pieces really came together, and the next morning, I woke to the sound of a bell – but it was not a this-world real bell. It was my India guide – waking me up. It is time.

In an energy session that helped at that time, a healing was done on my solar plexus. As I sat with it the next day, I saw this healing was connected to the issues I have had with Kundalini Yoga, a past life in India, and a healing that was begun in my solar plexus 6 ½ years ago. These I had given up on. Now I can look again at new possibilities.

I watched the desire in me rise to wanting to purchase a home. Then I watched my desire to travel again expand, including living part of the year in Thailand, as well as the US. I got a little bit stuck because that did not make sense to my mind. I still find it difficult to act fully on intuition and what I know when it doesn’t make any sense at all. Now I see the home in England is not to live there year-round and be more settled, it is precisely for what is about to open as we start to engage in travel more. Our home in England will be our retreat, our sanctuary, so that when we go out into the world, we have a place to come back to where we can fully recharge. And the faeries came to me again. Big smile in my heart. They shared they will be happy to help point out the land and the home that is calling to us. They will help me to know. I was seeing mushrooms at the time. They want to play with us. They want to contribute.

I see a connection with this home, and hmm … what to call it? The center of the Earth, Gaia, Sanat Kumara, Shamballa? We had been invited to create a base in that space. This invitation had come to the fore recently as well. Our anchor point will be our home in England, but we will then be able to access that space from anywhere on the planet. And the healing work that was just completed on my solar plexus will allow this connection with Gaia to open now in a way that simply was not possible before.

We have planned a cruise to Greece. This has been a long time coming for me. As I have felt into it, it feels like it will be as energetically powerful to me as Egypt was. And what I was shown in this magic of seeing all the pieces come together, is the gift that I will receive in Greece is a piece that I will need for what is becoming possible in Thailand. It makes it possible.

And Thailand. I have become aware of my first visit to Thailand when I experienced true fear. And I also remember that I resolved it, and could feel the difference when I returned to Thailand, as I felt the land welcoming me. I do feel this was a piece that needed to play out, an experience I needed to have to know myself. I have watched for a while now this knowing that we will live in Thailand for part of the year going forward, just as we will live in the US for part of the year. The last time, both before and during Rick’s conversation with Eric in Thailand, I felt it heightened. It is time to make plans to go to Thailand. Again, none of this makes sense rationally to me. I believe we will be able to participate in tangible business in Thailand. And I also see that we will be opening to other contributions at the same time. The multi-dimensional layers are becoming easier to see. This opening into Gaia, or with Gaia, is a part of what has been seen for a long time, promised even, but now I feel it is tangibly more available, usable. And this, too, is why Thailand is calling to us now.

In one way, it just all makes sense to me as I look at all the pieces I thought were separate and now see how they actually fit with each other. It makes it clearer somehow each individual piece.

I feel like what is opening again for me is what Rick refers to as Active Magic. Looking back, I had that on every “crystal adventure” I went on. It was truly magnificent when I look back at what opened, and how it opened, and all the different pieces that had to work magically to get the tangible results back then. But the crystal adventure faded. And the moments when those active signposts were needed faded too.

Now, it seems, it is game on again, at a new level of competence.