We are in the midst of growing a start-up company. I see the energy behind it. I see the momentum. It is part of what Rick and I are creating, which has been labeled – building this business empire in conjunction with this potential for the development of spiritual centres. For me, it is taking what I have learned in creation with Rick for the last couple years and now applying it to a bigger group. It was super interesting the other day to hear the long-held dreams and visions of the group and to see how each could be accommodated in this playground.

I have seen a thought arise several times over some period of time. It is highlighted in one of the team. There is a high correlation in energy, outlook, capability, attitude to external events, especially money. When something happens that is good, then my energy is good, and I have the belief I have gotten past the bad. But what I see there is a simple mechanism. No change had been made in the fundamental structure, or in the inevitable cycle, but it feels like change because we are on a different part of the wheel now, one we like better.

If I hold my agenda still to be labeled “bringing in the next golden age” and I see and know very clearly my ability to take this start-up company forward and to create a solid foundation here, and here is the thought that kept coming back, I am taking away this other’s experience to be able to clear out and change that mechanism. I.E. if I create as I know I can, a thriving business from a financial viewpoint, this person won’t be able to make the changes because the situation will not get bad enough to see it.

Haha … do you see it? It is so very wonderful how just trying to put words to something brings such clarity. Thoughts such as the above that come in as concepts, not words where I can see there falsehood, have held me back for a very long time, have kept me waiting until others are ready, not wanting to take away experiences that they indeed want yet.

When I saw this concept earlier today, I looked at it more directly. And I immediately saw that if I did indeed create what I am capable of bringing through, then this would be one aspect of this person’s life where he/she could have a different aspect to draw from. We all have so many aspects to our lives. I have, for a long time now, drawn from that. When I can see my mastery in one aspect, where it comes easily, I can see how to take that and apply it to other aspects in my life where I have struggled or had blocks or whatever. Others can do the same. Instead of taking away from another in my creation, I was shown how it simply gives another a option that they might not have otherwise. As they create, this mechanism will show up in other aspects of their life, so I am not taking away anything.

Next, I saw, was reminded, of the old adage that as we raise our level of consciousness, those around us will fall away and new people will come in. I have never put much thought or merit into that, yet I see a perspective of it. In this case I saw, I am just creating a playground. If another does not want to play there really, would really have opportunities taken away that she/he still wanted to play out, then events will happen that allow that person to move on.

If, however, I buy into the need to wait on things, allow others to have their experiences, then we most likely would experience a “wait” in this company’s growth.

And as I was putting this into words above, I saw the falsehood in the concept. There was a belief that the person would be able to have their mechanism in place and stay on one part of the circle. Inherently, that has to be incorrect because of how the mechanism works. Seems so obvious as I write it, not sure it is worth a share. But offering in case of value 🙂