March = third month = 3

Obviously 3 = 3

2019 = 2 + 0 + 1 + 9 = 12 = 1 + 2 = 3

Today is 3 3 3 energy. 3 has always been my number. In Destiny Cards, I am a 3 Clubs and a 3 Spades. In Numerology, my expression is a 3. As I am “taught by Universe”, events happen in threes. Or, it takes me three experiences to see it is something I can use. In some ways, one can go many directions to give meaning to the archetypal energy of three.

Trust, Marybeth. Part of me wants to go look up what I remembering. But it doesn’t matter. Just trust. The interpretation I am seeing behind 3 today is walking down our path, our journey in life, we come to a fork. There are 3 paths in front of us. We can take the path to the left or to the right, and can explore the “many directions” I actually said above. But the three energy also has the middle path available, the path that leads directly to the Divine.

This is the energy available to me today.

I don’t want to give examples because they deplete the energy. As they are heard, people wrap their own meanings around them and do not hear from the energy, or the box, in which it was said. I am seeing this in myself today also, and am looking for a path through it. I will come back to.

For me, I have been developing and watching this grow for 2 – 3 years, magic, the ability to create. I have been given words to help me to find it for at lest as many years, but I could really only see it from my own box, my current perspective. Yet the words planted seeds, perked my curiosity and my desire. Yesterday, Rick was seeing/hearing to really enjoy this time because we are on a path of accelerated change and within 5 years we will be living a very different life. Last night Rick asked for assistance with an issue he was having. This particular issue has been festering for 6 months, and bringing the body to panic, anger, frustration, indecision. The overall mechanism, generic issue, if you will, has been festering for at least this lifetime. Last night, I was able to create the space to walk forward in. It wasn’t “the” answer. But it was the answer for that moment, the action to take in that moment, a certain amount of time to allow results, reflections back, and a decision to not put more time / thought / energy into it until that time had expired and to know that when the next point came, there would be a new step to take that would be obvious.

Slight, but necessary sidetrack. I don’t know if I said this here already, but recently we stepped into a tangible knowing / feeling of this immense powerful energy behind us, available at our direction. The analogy given was the hydropower of a dam. We cannot believe we have this available to us and believe it is possible to have a situation outside our control that could be a disaster. One, Universe would not give this level of power to a being that was capable of creating a disaster. Two, we cannot hold both vibrations at once. Just like, if you are in Joy, you cannot be in Anger at the same time.

Back again. We stepped into that energy last night that we created and we chose. We took the appropriate action steps, which was to make two telephone calls. When we woke up this morning, the issue had been fully resolved. There is a beautiful, seamless way forward that honors all. There was one more phone call to make to wrap up the new direction. And then there are obvious next steps to deliver the product.

This is not the first one. But this was a significant experience in landing the power to create. And I highlighted Rick’s words from yesterday – Enjoy these moments as life is about to really change.

It has come around again that our home is a practice ground for setting up spiritual centers. We are going to be expanding this to different locations. We first saw this being a small scale, events for 10 – 30 or 40 people, and the next would be larger scale for number of people and places to stay. But it has branched to touching different parts of the Earth. I could feel this very tangible when Rick spoke it today.

Yesterday we received word that the father-in-law of one of the founders of the company we are helping to get started passed away. We were told his was key in getting the company started. Rick tuned into him and felt his presence, his desire to transition to assist this project from the other side. As I tapped into Rick’s words, I felt a huge flow of energy through me.

This added to recent experiences for me around ancestors. I have beliefs to revise. I do not understand the value of our life on this planet. I thought we came in and lived a life and the experience added to our higher self, I will call it, and then when we transitioned, we went back into that higher self. So, yes, this (every) life matters, but I have not understood the depth. Well, let me rephrase that. I still do not understand. I am just waking up to the realization that there is more that I have been overlooking or avoiding.

I also realized this morning that I struggle with the concepts of individual, separate, oneness. The Law of One comes to mind. Maybe that is where my answer lies. I am starting to have questions. Something really big has shifted. Anyway, I was seeing this morning where I get stuck in moving forward. No answers yet. Big smile, ahh, that feels great! I am seeing where I have questions. Now the answers can land. Long may this channel be open.

I watched episode 3 of The Pyramid Code this morning. They were traversing the desert of Egypt, saying how dangerous it was. Next picture they are changing a tire in the desert. First thought was, “Of course, you would need to have everything for survival with you.” Second thought, “But what if you have two flat tires, would you be prepared?” Third thought, “I’m never doing that.” Probably five minutes before I caught it, but shortly had the thought, “Good Lord, Marybeth. You noticed and you speak it often yet – everything I have said I will never do I end up doing, so I take note of it when that comes out of my mouth.” The last time I remember saying I would never do something was travel to Egypt  – and obviously that is where I met Rick. I have taken off the never. I am fully aware travel is going to start up again for me or for Rick and I, depending on what he wants. I don’t want to limit it with any fears. I am always safe.

Did I mention earlier I practiced that on the Spanish hill? I had taken on someone’s suggestion it was possible to get lost on the walk up. Several times on that walk, probably three times, I do not remember the thought that came first, but each time as I felt the energy land, I spoke outloud, “You are fine, Marybeth. Trust.”

And who am I trusting? I call it me. I also call it Universe. I also see my guides or angels, whatever you call the beings that are right there. Here is one of those places I see I don’t know if I am individual, if I am separate, or where I actually am All.

And the reverse happens, too. I receive information and don’t really take it in because I think it is true for everyone and I shouldn’t get too excited about it. I am learning today to differentiate between the two – to be the particle (the one, separate) when that feels empowering and can take movement forward, and to be the wave (the one with All) when that perspective is empowering.

Is envious when you wish you had something someone else has? If yes, I used to be envious of others who were called to do “big” things, who “had” to wake up to write this amazing channeled work. Why couldn’t that just happen to me? I have stopped feeling the wanting of that as I really enjoy finding what I really want and then getting it. But I was with someone the other day and she said something like that – being called. And the words I spoke around wanting that felt very old and tired. Later I heard myself talking to her and I heard similar words come out of my mouth, being called. This is when I started to question the – who I am and who is they. I wanted a “they”, someone outside myself to tell me what I was supposed to do. I was always told I was the teacher I was looking for. And it is such a paradox to try to put to words. I thought when others were called, it was someone outside themselves. My experiences have been learning to hear the call within me, which I would have labeled as me. But when I speak it, it is the same words as everyone else uses. Maybe there is a separation – but it is only like in quantum physics. There is a particle and a wave. We are both, but not at the same time. There is an I and a they, and the they is the All That Is which by definition includes me. So I can be the I. And I can be the they. I can focus / contract, or I can expand. New thoughts. And yet, I so get this.

I have also said and thought I don’t really have a connection to the divine. I do, it’s always turned on when I speak to others. But I am looking today, and listening to what comes out of my mouth now, and I do see, and I do hear, and I do feel, and I do know. Why did I think I didn’t? Oh yes, I was expecting it to look like someone else’s experience. Silly me. 🙂