Wow. What a brilliant couple of days! First, I would like to acknowledge and appreciate again those who commented on the Crystal Review post. That was a really nice one to get feedback on, to hear that the energy came through.

From the feedback, I was able to revisit the information and change the perspective I had stepped into. I am choosing to open this door, to open to my own understanding, and to take this forward. I am making it real for me again. When it first came through and I made it real, there was so much synchronicity and amazing experiences. I am ready to continue the adventure, with a smile of anticipation.

Following on from that opening, a friend staying with us asked a question and I found myself talking about and reviewing my joy in mathematics. That is another subject that spirals around and holds something extraordinarily strong for me. I noticed the level of enthusiasm within me around just talking about it and I know and give permission for this to open also. And then I started to notice that our understandings at the time of programming the crystal had to have been expressed through mathematics of some type. I believe in order for me to work with the crystal consciously in this lifetime will require me to step back into my knowledge of not only crystals, but also the mathematics behind dimensions. Deep sigh. That feels good.

Following on from that is a series of openings. Saturday evening, I found myself outside under the stars before the moment of the solstice. I found myself singing the song, “Here I Am, Lord.” I used to resonate very much with the chorus, the “here I am” response part. I called that in with intention from childhood. That night, I needed to look up the verses because I did not quite remember the words, and I am pretty sure that was the first time I felt the God-part so clearly. That was unusual.

Yesterday, Sunday morning, I found myself doing ceremony. It felt precise, intentional, simple. I dowsed to follow what wanted to happen. I chose Geranium-Rose oil for the scent to burn. I chose to put 6 drops in the water. I decided to work with a tree essence. The yew tree has had my attention lately, and it was the one chosen. Again, I received the number 6, to create the bottle with 6 drops of the mother essence. I do not often work with the number 6, so I looked up meaning of it. The meaning that jumped out to me was the six-pointed Star of David.


“The hexagram associated with the Star of David has throughout history been used by religions. In Hinduism, it is referred to as the shatkona, with the upward triangle in the star shape representing Shiva (the masculine side of God) and the downward-pointing triangle representing Shakti (the feminine side of the divinity). The symbol thus generally represents the merging of the male and the female, and, the elements of fire and water, respectively. The Star of David also appears in the architecture of Mormon places of worship, where it symbolizes the union of heaven and earth, with God reaching down to man and man reaching up to God.”

As I was contemplating this meaning, I saw / understood / remembered. A while back, more than one year, probably closer to two years ago, I remember hearing words come from me that suggested I was now starting to integrate god energies or masculine the divine masculine.  I just remember I did not see that coming and it felt odd. In this moment, I understood I am beginning to integrate the next phase, the merging of the male and female. This has been a long time coming. I remember on the first crystal adventure I “had to” write something in my blog about sexuality as I saw it because I knew that was related and important. I remember feeling a bit awkward in posting it publicly.

In alignment with this landing, I saw the experience from Saturday afternoon in a new light. Rick and I were speaking with two others. In the energy of Saturday morning, I set my intention to show up to this meeting in a new place, not to just observe and see what flows, but to see what I could add to the opportunity. At the beginning of the session, one of the participants asked me specific questions and I answered them. At one point, the other participant shared how much he enjoyed watching me speak. He said I channeled my higher self and he was given the privilege of hearing the many voices, the multi-dimensionality, of what I was bringing through. On the look back, I saw the effect on Rick being a heightened energy. It was visible and it made him laugh. After the session, Rick shared that he had never seen me speak with such authority, not dominating or controlling or pushing, just with authority. I see that experience and reflection back as confirmation of the integration of the divine masculine, in the ability to command and direct the energies with natural authority.

In the early morning hours today, I saw many pieces around this merging, this harmony between the two, sexuality.

One that I became aware of was a seed that was planted in the last group energy session we held.

“Sometimes, dear friends, you may have an experience of your humanness meeting the soul aspect, like two lights, a light from the heart rising up through the body and combining with a sense of this light of the soul. As those two combine, there is a big expansion of the light that is generated, and there may be this merging. And then there may be separating, while you then go about normal human activities. There is then an opportunity again for this merging, a beautiful moment of merging.

“One of the more common experiences that people have is an experience of the soul, the light of the soul, to have a certain blueness to it, a certain blue tinge. I plant this notion, just as a seed within you, that if you notice something seems to be happening that you may align with allowing it to happen and enjoying that experience. The merging of the humanness, energy of humanness, with the soul is like two lovers coming together. It is joyful and there is an ecstasy of well-being. And then there may be a separating as you go about your business, but there is more light, more capacity for carrying that soul’s light through your day and ongoing through your experience of life.”

And then I needed to look up the essence I worked with yesterday, Geranium Rose, in the book The Fragrant Heaven. “Geranium resonates with Mother Earth. Rose is associated with the soul.” Again, we have the merging of masculine and feminine.

In these moments of writing, I understand more fully the work that is possible to do with Sanat Kumara and Gaia. It is this same merging on a planetary level. And so, it begins.