Another spiral. Things do come back around.

It has been over a year. I know the gold concept started coming in for sure when we bought this home. I feel our dining room is the “gold” room.

There have been several times I have heard / seen / thought that whatever I touch turns to gold now. There was a time that was a new thought. I have never meant that literally, not even always about money, yet money is not excluded. I remember several times “discovering” yet again the correlation in the term “gold” between this Midas touch piece and the “Golden Age” term that has captured my attention and has grown. I found it quite interesting I kept forgetting that.

I have become more comfortable with talking about the Golden Age. But today, the Midas touch came up again. And again, although I can feel it in resonance within me, I am also very aware of the disharmony attached to it. I started to see the threads woven into gold, into the gold frequency, that are associated with the Midas touch concept. There is a belief that turning things into gold is a negative thing.

New thought: we cannot create, we cannot step into the next Golden Age with these threads woven into the concept of gold that exists very strongly on this planet. It won’t be golden. I saw a correlation to perfection. Perfection in this world has negative connotations to it. Within my being, I have weeded these out. Perfection and ease is simple and a joy for me now. I weave them consciously into everything. And I have created it tangibly in me enough that when I speak it to others, they know it, they feel it. I have had that reflected back enough to know that. I saw today that I have an opportunity to do the same with gold, or with the Midas touch. It needs to be rewritten. Or, the frequency needs to be purified. There is something about purity here.

That is all I remember of what landed earlier today. It would probably be good to write earlier …