Prior to coming back home to England, we went to Minnesota for a week. There were two reasons, two events, and two main experiences. The first was connecting with friends, soul family. In particular, we spent several days with Twyla and her husband Robert. On the first full day together, the sun was shining and the wind was inviting me to come out to play. It doesn’t always feel like this. It was very highlighted. Twyla and I went for a walk. I think it was during that time, in that energy, we talked about trying a channeling session with the three of us because it felt like there was something available. Both Rick and Twyla agreed, so I (and we) made it a priority.

For the next three days, we worked in geometries with the personal Merkaba, and we worked with the Tree of Life. I will speak for myself only and say that I had very tangible experiences as I often do in such sessions. For me, it just resonated very much with and as me. I felt like it put words to my experiences. But I never really know which came first or who initiated what. I feel it brought to our attention a stepping up that was available to then be used in the Mastering Alchemy event we were going to participate in later in the week. And, for quite a while now, I have desired to play in another triad, a group. Nothing has quite worked on the physical level for a while, but this did work for three days. I felt the impetus every day to engage again and play in it. And just a few days ago, I felt an opportunity to continue our work together in another step and all have agreed to try it out. So, the experiment continues!

The second event  in Minnesota then was the Mastering Alchemy event. I did not have a lot of feel going into this event. I signed up for it because the opportunity came at the perfect moment of planning and it fit perfectly with the US trip I was already planning. It was too easy to not go. But I no longer feel the “Of course I will be there. I wouldn’t miss it.” that I used to experience.

As soon as Jim Self started speaking about what we had the opportunity to do, I understood two things. One, the work I had just done in the last 2-3 months, really that piece I tried to put words to on the individual and unity God particles, was my contribution that would empower this conference. I saw how to use it. That was what was being asked for. So I felt very capable and happy to contribute fully. And two, what we were there to do in working with the Earth, what we were opening further, activating, and making usable, would empower and expand for me what I had started to open in the US and planned to focus on when arriving back in England. It was very powerful to participate in. The timing was exquisite. And I am very happy to have been consciously part of that work.