In this time, I have also been working a little bit with the book Whisperings of the Dragon. The work is to bring your sight 98% to seeing your feelings within the body and 2% on the external seeing, and bringing your listening to 100% focus on hearing what you cannot hear within your body, like a silent breath, so that you are consistently listening and your inner dialogue is turned off.

I have used that, played with that in the last month. And I have forgotten about it. But I do believe that practice is good for me and that I am more able to hear the quiet voice that is not my inner repetitive dialogue. I do have more ideas landing that I am aware of.

I think it was Saturday I spent writing a lot of this up. This piece still felt important, but I had not been actively working with it. Sunday I had one of my waking / sleep space sessions. Much has been lost because I did not write it out then. I have a few bits remaining, just a skeleton really.

I had experiences over and over when I could turn on this space that the book was pointing to. Yes, that also means over and over I was not able to hold it stably. In Mastering Alchemy, it is related to the thought space of no thought thought. But, I could see I was getting it. I, again, felt the relevance to me in playing here.

I had an experience that showed me again the precision of who I am, or what is available to me, with no effort at all, almost not even a conscious thought. Maybe, just how well-cared for I always am.

There was an experience with energy in my hands again, and running halfway to my elbows. The only words I jotted down in that knowing was that it was turning on the hands of Sanat Kumara. I have no connection or knowing of that now.

Something in that morning session was about Melchizedek. I have been reaching out to take a course in Angel Reiki, and drawing a blank, getting no response at all. As I spoke this out loud, I recognized, I am not so much drawn to the Angel Reiki, I was drawn to the words of this person saying they worked with Lord Melchizedek. So, it is probably not about that class, but about tuning into Melchizedek and seeing what is ready to open.

It was such a big space, and from what I remember, it was really working with the concepts or tools from that book. I remember starting to invoke bringing this ability and this level of consciousness from that space into my every day life. It is coming.