I feel like I am really coming online. The power that flows through me is greater yet again. I felt it as I was speaking out loud, and watched my body movements, and was aware of my body by the new flow of energy through it. And the beauty in every moment just really sparkles. I feel very alive. This power, this flow, shows itself (just through me!) in so many facets. I can only smile as I begin to imagine what is landing for others.

A couple days ago I finally saw how we remove the need for suffering and struggle from this world. Notice I just said the need for it, not anything more than that. A while back, I had watched myself set that intention, that weave, into bringing in the golden age. I knew then I had no idea how to do that given it is so embedded. It is simply about understanding completions. When we understand the cyclical nature and feel the joy equally in the endings, for the endings themselves, then we feel alive in the life force energy that continues to flow through us, for as we allow the ending, the energy comes back (to us) to create the next beginning. There have been two beliefs that keep us bound to struggle and suffering. That is the only way we feel alive, and that is the only way to move forward and/or become something more. In this flow of power that has become so very tangible now, we can now remember the way of the cycle … and the spiral, the golden (Fibonacci) spiral.

A couple days after watching that knowing land, I started to become consciously aware of how much time administration takes around money. Given it is highlighted in my space, and what is possible right now with the changes due to how the coronavirus is being viewed, I believe it is possible we are now creating ways to simplify that aspect of life, too.

I wrote that first line several days ago. I know I shifted several more times since then. It is certainly accelerating right now. I feel that my life is in a reset right now. So much has been explored in the last couple years since buying a home in Glastonbury. And I am aware things can take quite a turn here, or a further grounding in and taking forward that which is working for us.  Not so amazingly, it is spring, The perfect energy in which to move forward again after a time of going within.