It is springtime. Shoots coming up everywhere. It is a powerful time.

In our group sessions, two weeks ago we were asked to watch for visible growth. I did watch. I was amazed how much new visible growth there was in such a short time.

In the past, I have watched my ability to shift experiences for myself with others. I can now do it further out. I was speaking with someone who was caught up in a family drama that had happened two days prior. We discussed it. I saw (and spoke out loud) what needed to happen. I forgot about it. I spoke with this person later and they told me 10 minutes after our discussion they received a phone call from the “other” and the specifics I was given was the exact points I had just raised were voiced and cleared. In addition, the one point this person needed to make, and was hesitant to bring up, was initiated by the other. She got to speak what she needed to, but it was presented to her with perfection and ease so she could be successful. I pointed out to her how powerful she was in how she held that and to notice that she didn’t even need to speak to the other person about what she wanted, she needed to know it within herself. Later I heard her speaking and she had taken this empowerment on as well.

I have also had reflected back in the last two weeks that a family dynamic that I have been discussing with a person about three other people has really taken a shift and some things that were 100% going to be difficult to impossible have, well, just sort of resolved themselves. I am seeing. I could say it has nothing to do with me, but there is just too much of it and the timing is such that I am seeing and accepting.

We experienced a huge shift in how we feel about our London home. It had been difficult for the last year, and we did not see an easy way forward. But we held a space for it to work itself out, and it has – seemingly overnight. But in that one, we held that space open for a much longer time than my first example. We went out to London just over a week ago to meet with contractors to move things forward to sell the property, but certain synchronicities happened and we both had thoughts about keeping the home. Unknown how that will play out, but visible growth none-the-less.

I had several experiences in a short time that showed me an automatic mechanism I have that leads me to look past or to the side of what is right in front of me. I don’t look at certain things. This is not with everything. I can be very precise and focused, but I was shown this other aspect. I started to seed even more clarity. I still want the ability to look past something and not have to focus on everything, but in these pieces I don’t want and that I can change (starting to be more and more I can change), I want to see the choice. I want to take the automatic off of not seeing what is right in from of me. I sense within me this not seeing is a link to not being seen.

Another new experience, and within this one, I did not have words that resonated with where I really was. I invoked full assistance … then felt I needed to add more, so I added … in my evolution, in my life on planet earth, from the All That Is. Invoked was not the right word. Full was very powerful to me. It felt like a separation that has always been within me was now just gone. I felt powerful. I felt equal, so assistance did not quite feel the right word, but it is, in some ways. Assistance in this request was not from a less than perspective, it was team work. The normal block, the resistance, the edge that I have always felt was not present.

The night before this last session, I reread the one from two weeks ago. I heard a part of it differently.

Direct quote: “For all of you, there is this opportunity for money to flow more easily, and yet not necessarily with any more effort than you apply to it now. At yet, perhaps there is enough monetary flow in your life, and it is not a point of focus. It need not be. Yet people on this planet, the mass consciousness, carries difficulties to do with money and ideas of scarcity. In so far as you will add energy to the concept of greater flows of money, your energy, this vortex that we create together, helps us all and helps to move some of the staid feeling about money.”

Monetary flow has not been a point of focus for me for a very long time. I am aware of shifting flows so I do not hold Rick back in what he wants to create, but that is all the attention I have put on it. I heard this – in the 4th or 5th read. Nothing wrong with where I am, but … if I choose to invoke monetary flows for myself, this will add energy to the overall concept of greater flows for all. That was a “wow” to me. I got it. I decided in that moment of understanding to put attention there, for myself. This is very new.

Then I went on and read the next paragraph: “It is our view, as we look on the timescale, that there is going to come a time where these ideas of scarcity are considered strange as this greater level of abundance that is progressively landing becomes established and familiar and normal. And yet, here we are now at this stage. We are contributing to, initiating, encouraging, this transition as part of what dear Marybeth may refer to as a golden age.”

Do I need to say it? Is it already ever so clear? Yes, I am in. I am happy to contribute to this next level of growth into the golden age by my specific contribution here. I am willing to consciously put my attention here. From this vantage point, it seems so obvious. I did plant the seed (above) to see more clearly. And it is happening too.

In the last two group sessions, I am seeing that what is being offered is what I have done. It is the way I create. It is becoming a really beautiful reflection back to me. And again, I recognize a part of me that was kept so separate is simply not there now. I see the multi-levels of information available in what is coming through for us. It is a great step up for me.

In the session we did just a couple nights back, we were offered these words: “Would you invoke it and develop this growing mastery? As you understand it and watch it grow within yourselves, there is this potency to offer, by way of example, of those things that flow in your life, to offer to others, this opportunity for their upliftment and the birth of their mastery, which is such an extraordinary and joyful gift to be able to give.”

That is what I am seeing. The top example given here was that exactly, watching another step into their own mastery. It is truly beautiful what is happening now. The winter, the wait, is past. The seeds are showing themselves now, becoming very visible. I hear those words in the sessions and I am inspired to continue invoking and developing my own growing mastery. I see clearly it is working.

This one is a little more subtle the way it was pulled in: “Would you allow yourselves to be nurtured by this energy, supported and appreciated by this energy? As these bodies sit here in this awareness, there is this awareness of expanded viewpoint, that broader perspective that may embrace more threads. There is then this beautiful dance between moving to that broader perspective, perhaps from the more human perspective, invoking this broader perspective, invoking the desire, and then allowing oneself to move to that broader perspective to engage vortices of energy that may then show you ways in which desires may be manifested.”

Do you remember the invoking full assistance above, where invoke did not feel correct? Here, I am being shown why that word no longer fits. It is simply moving, having moved, into the fullness of the broader perspective. There was nothing to invoke. I wasn’t asking for assistance, I was receiving from being in the fullness.

I appreciate the feedback. I appreciate playing in this group energy. I see the dance it has taken to get where I am today. I needed clear reflections back to be able to move forward. And I did not hold a clarity that would allow others to see me to be able to reflect it back what I was doing. Did I say lately that life has become fun?

Today I played more, stepped into more, landed more an energy I have been aware of for a a while now. It was powerfully felt. And it was immediately seen by Rick. His clear reflections back have been so valuable to me, and continue to be. We have an event going on at our home this weekend and I had the opportunity to influence what had been perceived as an issue. It was being dealt with beautifully, but I had the opportunity to share from this new level of power I was in. The love and nurture that flowed from me brought me to tears.

Then I sat down to do a short meditation with Rick. Afterwards, he shared more of what he was experiencing differently in my energy. It brought me to remember where I had gone in my meditation, and I shared it out loud, thus I remember it. I was feeling the tetrahedral structure we had built around this home. I was creating, adding to the space for the group working here this weekend. Then I found myself within the tetrahedron we created long ago around our London flat. And I felt the connection to the Underground there, and into central London, and the ability to influence, contribute to, British Parliament. And then I wondered what I would want to contribute, for it is not about “the” answer. And I could offer a space “above” all the stuckness, a place where new thoughts, new perspectives could begin to land.

Afterwards I saw this experience as similar to being willing to invoke monetary flows. I saw this as contributing to this golden age we are bringing in. Of course, governments need to change. What a great playground we have created with Brexit. And I saw I am willing to play here too. I have sat out on a lot up to this point. I did not feel a big attraction to playing in these spaces. But now, I am willing. I feel I am being shown that I can make a difference now. I don’t have to play there, but I feel I am being invited.

I feel like a lot has already happened since the last group session, and then I remembered it has only been two days.