I just went back to read why I started this blog, thinking I have totally abandoned my focus (so maybe I would choose to not write here.) But I didn’t have a focus then. I just felt something changing again. And that is still perfectly relevant.

So … I am speaking from within this energy, as opposed to after it makes sense to me, in the hopes that I may find something to work with.

I have spent some time in the last couple days transcribing our last two channeled sessions, and then reviewing several more of them. When we are in a channeled session, there is often not much of a conversation because in that energy, I just feel like I know it. The information given is like a gentle conversation. I really do not feel like much happened in it. But then there is more to it when I transcribe it. And then when I review it and sift through the information, it just gets very powerful really. And some of it really pushes on me. So, what happens when we go into it? Normally, I find the thread that is presenting itself. But it is a crazy feeling still within this “open space.”

Rick has been “unpacking” information on Archetypes in the last week, after the initial meeting with Horus. So we initiated another session with Horus to follow up on that. I had started to open into something with Horus as I reread the previous transcription, but lost the thread. I just knew I wanted to continue with it. I think maybe that is what I am doing tonight.

I am trying to find a place to start that makes sense. It is not apparent. Horus gave us information on what Archetypes are and how to use them. In some ways, I was in that place of it really wasn’t anything new. And Horus did address that by saying that the way I create is a “form of working of archetypal energies.” I got that. And I understood the pointer to greater and more deliberate flow of energy by holding this enhanced awareness of what I am doing.

So just say it! I am learning how to step into group consciousness again. I am part of the group consciousness that created the Archetypes of the gods/goddesses of Egypt. Horus says by the time they are gods/goddesses, they have already been watered down. I helped create the Archetypes (or some) of Greek and Roman times. I will guess that those words given to me refer also to a group consciousness that created them. I do not know the stories of the Archetypes. I could never read mythology dealing with them, not even in the astrology play I did. But I do feel I know how to work with them, how to use them. The concept is so natural to me. I feel like I have always known them.

I want to say “But that doesn’t make sense because I still don’t know them. None of this makes sense.” And here I know I need to step away from making sense for these moments. It cannot open if I tell it not to. I know I am that powerful, and I also know I appreciate very much the relationships I feel with the non-physical beings. I do resonate with what they say … until I think about it 🙂

It is amazing how much a smile changes and lightens the energy!!

Okay, so the next step. As Horus talks about the iconography of Egypt, carving the archetypal principles into living stone, I get that in the core of my being. (I am being reminded right now that I have been deliberately invoking my memories.) It is like I was the archetype. And in being it, invoking it, I carved the glyphs. (Or I know how it was done anyway. In this state of being, that really is irrelevant.) The energy is in the living stone because it is living and because we put it there.

So I am beginning to allow more knowing of this who I am piece. I am beginning to see for myself some of these pieces that I have been told over the years. They make more sense now. I hold it differently. And this power piece that has been opening and unfolding for so very long now is relevant again. Sometimes I feel like I should know more than I do.

Oh, I get it. Wow!

So what just happened there is I saw that I already know. I am already doing it. What is being pointed to me, yes, is immense, but it is because I get it, not because I don’t and I am supposed to. Horus had pointed to the outward physical expression of the archetypal potency in Egypt was through the impact of the carving of living rock. And I feel I contributed to that. In the next breath, Horus basically says power is increasingly available to me and what am I going to do with it? “Now is the time to bring forth the beauty and the harmony and the grandeur and the manifestation of that which you would choose to create.” I was feeling that “I want to live in Cornwall” wasn’t quite “enough” for what is being presented.

But the thing is I know how to do this. We are building a new civilization now, as we did in Egypt. Certain principles were selected as the foundation. And, that is what we are sifting and sorting through and choosing now. What do we want? But we actually are sifting and sorting and choosing.

Horus, and the others, are not trying to tell me I am not getting it and could I please wake up. They are not saying I need to come up with something immense to compare to Egyptian expression. It is what I feel when I speak to them. It is comfortable. I know it already as they say it. And it may very well be I did not know it or was not aware of it the moment before they said it. But it makes sense when we speak. And Cornwall is not the end piece of this creation, but it is part of it.

I know me. I know when something is a “Yes!” I have not always or even often followed those, but I know I know. And as I make choices and follow through, then more will come to me, more ideas and more opportunities.

It is not about possibly doing it wrong or missing it. And that was the energy I started this in. I did not know what to do. It is about I am already doing it and what is possible now? It is about staying in that energy of choosing. That is what allows manifestation. It is about being willing to choose something that gives me immense joy. It is about allowing Spirit to align around what I do want and provide me with that, and then provide me with more ideas and opportunities to choose from.

All is good. The open space of not knowing what to do with myself has graciously turned into an open space to continue to create from. Same open space really, but what a shift in potency and potential!