Feeling the concept of the Cities of Light. Feeling the expansion from these out into a Golden Age. It has obviously begun in places like Glastonbury and Sedona. Many have spoken of it. But what about places like the IAC Campus in Portugal?

I watched myself feel into this possibility. What if? From what I know of it, it has not always been sacred land. Yet, it is a place that has the intention behind it now to bring in what a City of Light can bring. As I write that, I hear a recent comment from Rick comparing the similarity of a concept of a library in Glastonbury to one on the Campus.

I watched what my energy wanted to do with the thoughts that were landing. I saw a hesitation. What if it would be too much work? What if it wasn’t meant to be there? What right did I have to anchor it there? I didn’t really have those thoughts. I really just saw a hesitation on my part. Did I want to flow this energy, this possibility? I slowed that moment down to allow some questions to rise to share in this space.

In this space now, I see maybe it is already landing there and I am feeling the call to add to the space, as I felt the call to come to Glastonbury to add my presence to this existing space. Stepping outside of linear time, who knows when or where the seed was planted.

But in that space I was in, when I saw my hesitation, I also saw there are no limits. There is only bounty. I do not have to limit anything that I wish to create. Nothing is draining. I recognize I was taught to believe it was. But in this that I do, in this that I am, it is the opposite. Just like when you really give love, you become more and more full of love. You cannot feel the difference between the love you give, the love you receive, and the love you are. In this case, the love is power. And allowing that power to flow through me actually adds to my power, adds to me.

I picked up a statement from Abraham-Hicks not long ago: Make peace with outrageous abundance. I liked that. I felt I could do it. In this moment again, I feel like I am that.