Perfection and Ease may be the main title of my first book yet. It landed several years ago, and I have yet to put it to paper. It started cycling around again a couple months back. As I spoke it to a few people then, it was really highlighted that people could hear me this time. That was exciting!

This past week I was listening to somebody talk about an experience they had in desiring to fix something (that was obviously and physically broken), and being told no. I think this is a big space. Meaning, I see lots of discussion opening around that one statement. For now, I will stick to my original intention and share.

The next morning, after hearing that particular experience, I had the thought: This world is not about being perfect. I tried then to come up with what it is about. My first thought was exploring. It is about exploring possibilities, playing them out. And I know that is not it in fullness. As I saw that knowing within me, this world is not about being perfect, I thought about my perfection and ease frequency / vibration that I still feel is important to bring in more tangibly. Are they conflicting?

Later, I saw the underlying vibration of that experience shared was just as I wrote it, it is that something is not perfect, and therefore, it needs to be fixed. Can you feel the difference between this vibration and one of Perfection?

Notice also that the needing to fix something is an external something.

I was feeling this morning that this experience, one I think is a big space for many, is exactly what my Perfection and Ease frequency addresses. They are not conflicting at all. The way I use Perfection is an internal knowing, an internal vibration that reflects outward onto / into all aspects of my life and affects them. When you are Perfection inside, there is no desire or need in you to fix something else, or even to deem anything to be imperfect. All is simply a creation. The way I use Perfection has never been about something external being static, perfected, unchanging.

Another piece I see in this moment is that I use Perfection as an archetype. Also seeing the way archetypes have evolved and been created from bringing two together to explore the newness – one plus one equals three. And here again, I see this thought expanded further than I wish to explore today. So, let us bring this to a close for now.

Many blessings.