Pieces coming together today. Ability to see (third eye or psychic) and know I see. Ability to hear and know I hear clearly. Still have to discern if I wish to use any of it, or how I do. Had a dream unlike any before. It was in picture form. It was about magnetics. There were two versions shown – one was how we, as humanity, live/work/exist with each other right now – the second was how it used to be / what we want it to be / or, as I hear it now, what how we created humanity to work. Haha … kind of makes us sounds like we are the Artificial Intelligence to another level of being. I don’t think I mean it that way. Getting used to new words. Anyway, in the two versions there was, like in the head region, where I focused, two parts of it, and I guess if I were to see it now I could call it a hieroglyphic. It was rudimentary. It was symbolic. How the One worked was the same in both pictures. How the individuals worked was different. And how these two worked together affected a third piece, which I cannot see at all now, but it was that third piece we were looking to change. And it was understanding the schematic drawn that was giving different ideas on what we might wish to try next. I am excited about being able to bring more awareness to this dreamspace and to start to be able to bridge the two more. Did I write yesterday about valuing this life more and therefore valuing and honoring the ancestors more – mine and others? I followed a thread last night. Picked up and used my pendulum again. Haven’t played with that in years. Lead me to Juliana of the Netherlands last night. Not a big hit (meaning resonance within me), but thought it was related to deciding to acknowledge more the service, the value, those who had physical lives can be from the other side, how we can work together, and the fact that I am starting to plan a trip that may include the Netherlands. I will allow that to unfold. Landed also more on my Merkabah, and almost creating a new geometry. Related also to my crystal adventure from when I met Rick. I believe there is an external crystal, at least on a different plane, but it is also me. I have known this before. But now I am seeing it. I am also sensing Archangel Rezial/Raziel. Haven’t decided how I wish to spell it yet. But he is more and more present. Seeing more this space of understanding the “physics” behind creation. Seeing more the space Rick is pointing to that I am learning to create instantly (pretty instantly) in a way that could have been called magic before, but I just see how to do it. It takes a thought and a choice and a direction. Not effort, but consciousness. As I wrote that one, I saw a mechanism (or two) that are very strong within me that don’t let me go further with this line of thought. Those are being rewritten.  I am choosing to step forward now. That stuff will have to play out – or not. I no longer care. I have been pointed to this for a while now, this ability to create for myself, to direct this energy at another for them to create. And I have played with it some – with Rick consciously, with my family. I do it with others also, all the time, but not consciously and not in co-creation. In the past, when I have tried to work with others, it has shut off. I think it may have to do with that mechanism I just saw. Might be as I turn that off I will be able to work more directly with others to assist in acceleration of their dreams. Wondered yesterday if rambling about where I am here has any value to anyone. But here I am, back, and I am sure much less cohesive than yesterday.