I had a really powerful weekend completing a 7-month astrology course. I had the opportunity to step back today and reflect. I have changed significantly again. There is a new stability. There is a new presence. There is a new sight of the different steps that I hold and see and play from, and how they work together. There is a feeling of being in all aspects at once: planting seeds, new sprouts coming up, self-sustaining, maintaining, completing, dissolving.

I recognized I have finally stepped firmly onto this platform I have reaching for.

I asked Rick to do a channeled session for me tonight, to look from a broader perspective at both where I have landed and some of the new possibilities that are available for me now. There came a statement at the beginning. I don’t remember what it was anymore. And I started to hear the voice in my head that challenged that type of statement. And I watched it disappear, dissolve, go away, lose it confidence, it’s bluster, it’s rightness. It was amazing to watch. That is what I remember, not what it was, but watching it just go away. Poof! It was such a habit, such an ingrained pattern of thought. It was so familiar, always there. And now gone.

As I reflected on it afterwards, the story I put to it is that in this new presence that I am, it could not hold itself to finish it’s sentence. It started out as normal, and just faded away. That was cool.