The game is afoot!

Within that channeling we did the other night on crystals, a new seed was introduced that did indeed spark my imagination.

“In the process of working with crystals, there are differences between types of crystal. And there is an opportunity for an experiential growing awareness in this space. There is a future possibility, not simply of purchasing and working with crystals that have been pre-grown, shall we say, but there is also the possibility of working with the construction of crystals. The deliberate shaping of crystal material embedded with your intention, such that a crystal is formed at your direction, and with your intention. There is a potency for such crystals then to hold a very pristine clarity of your energy and the intent with which you formulate such a crystal. There is more information available at a future time on playing with this development of crystals at your own instruction.”

As I have played in the spaces where I did not really know what I wanted, there were many areas that I did feel drawn to engage with. I noticed that as I feel more clarity of purpose about me, and I have this sense of knowing more who I am and what I want, many of these different areas are still highlighted. To me, that does not really feel like focus, or not what I expected “focus” to look like, yet I feel focused.

I commented that an item that just resurfaced on my to-do list was a trip out to find Charlestown Pottery and see if they offer pottery classes. This is one area I have been aware of  for many years, but I have never done anything with it. Yet I feel it here in Cornwall very strongly. Or maybe I just feel it more strongly as I awaken more to who I am…

As I said the words out-loud, I remembered the words about shaping crystals with my own direction. The concept became more tangible as I was feeling shaping the Earth in the form of pottery. Rick pointed me to a Clairvision book that spoke of similar concepts. So, this concept felt closer and more highlighted. It sounds like an intriguing way to express myself.

From there … I saw the concept from the Bible on how Adam was formed from the Earth, and life was breathed into him. And I thought, wow, what if I could do that? I do not understand it from a science perspective, but I know our bodies are crystalline. There is probably much more to come around that statement. We have worked with the Adam Kadmon body in the Mastering alchemy class. I have seen other groups working with it. I have never heard of it referenced this way. Oh, the possibilities of expression from this medium. I do not even know.

I thought this was original, but quickly discovered no. In addition to others saying “of course” when I mentioned it, I also remember several channeling sessions we have done that speak of the templates or patterns within the consciousness of the Earth that can be accessed and used to create from. I knew from a past spiral that the Adam Kadmon body is part of what is available. Yet this level of seeing and of tangibility to me is new and is exciting, and I choose to acknowledge that. And I understand that when I see and feel at this level, it is coming into my reality. My imagination has been sparked!