I am surprised to see I have not chosen to write for 6 weeks. Much has been sorted and shifted through. Much has completed. Much has begun. I think I have different levels of journals in 4 or 5 different places now.

I am watching power today. It is very circular, thus calling it the dance. For many of us, we wish we had more power. Why can’t we create the money, or the home, or the relationship, or the whatever it is? I mean, we can create some things at some levels, but why is the power limited.

At other moments, something triggers us and we “rise to the occasion” and “take a stand” and really feel our power. These situations are often one of taking sides, or seeing there is an “other” to fight against or to fix something that is obviously broken. You can feel the rage against something. You can feel the knowing you need to help – if not you, who will? You step into all your power …

Now, let us look at how we create what we want. Use your own words here. But, in general we take a thought of something we want. We can take lots of steps here in clearing out all the blocks that we think are keeping us from this, but ultimately, we have a thought of what we want and we wrap a feeling around it. We feel what it would be like to have that thought. We feel excitement or enthusiasm. The more we can feel it, know it, the quicker it manifests.

So, what do we think we are doing when take a stand against something we don’t want? We are thinking thoughts and wrapping intense energies of feeling around it. Voila, we are creating more of that. Have you ever noticed how when you put energy into a cause, you are still fighting for that cause a long time later? It doesn’t go away when we put energy into it. We are adding our energies, our power, into the creation of that injustice. How can we not be? That is, by definition, how we create.

Some of us have this inner desire also to not cause harm. So, I believe, we have this structure in place to not allow our own access to our own power until we understand, really understand what happens when we draw it. Power itself cannot and will not discriminate or tell us how to use it. It will be directed wherever you direct it. It is our job to discern, our responsibility.

I dare to say we all like to feel life force energy run through us, power run through us. But until we understand how we wish to respond in the face of storms and turmoil around us, those of us with the desire to do no harm will not relinquish more power to ourselves to wield. When we start to trust ourselves, through experience, we start to allow more power through. It is only then can we start to create with the levels of power we have been asking for.

It is a dance because when we feel powerless in our creation, we are more apt to join in with others in protest against, in rage against, simply to feel that power run through us. But the act of using power this way short circuits the ability to simply run power through us at all times, to have it always accessible at the swish of a finger or the glance of an eye, or a simple thought, “I’d like that”, with a knowing I will have that. It is a dance to play and trust and let be.

We are in an amazing cycle of transition. I hope you are enjoying the ride and continuing to see it more and more.