Today is the winter solstice. Maybe it is being in Glastonbury, maybe it is being in this home and all the inner changes this has brought in the last year, or I could make up a number of reasons why, but this year, I deeply feel the magic of the season every day. It is apparent and consistent. I feel the stillness and the beauty and the underlying anticipation for the gifts that are now available. There is exquisite beauty and well-being in every waking day and again as the day slows to a completion. There is constantly a deep knowing, and with it, a deep inner smile. Oh, I wish I had words. Trying to speak it takes away from how it feels, which is why I often choose silence. I feel the love that I AM. I feel it growing, expanding, radiating. One could argue that is not me, I am just a hollow reed allowing it to flow through me. But I am enjoying my belief that I AM that. I am seeing people differently now, I believe differently than I ever have. Although, it is hard to actually know that because what is today is what is. There is a softness in me. Rick has been suggesting this for some time now from what he sees, and now I am starting to experience it myself. There is such a fluidity and a lightness in every experience. Where I used to feel the frustration or the anxiety or the chaos of the other, I now find I am just seeing it, but still feeling my own beauty and harmony and lightness. I have achieved much this year. I have grown much. I have much more to actually give, now, already. I am enjoying deeply where I am right now, and there is not looking for the seeds to become clearer yet, but there is a inner knowing that there are seeds growing. Much foundation has now been set. There has been deep grounding and rooting. I am finally home on this beautiful planet of ours. Another layer of separation has dropped. This is another level of having arrived.

Well, that was all a surprise to write. What I intended to share is that occasionally, in between the group sessions, we have the opportunity to work an issue that arises. I was not intending to share them because they are very specific to a person and specific even to a moment in time. Yet, as I transcribe or reread them, I see how very practical they remain overall. If the specifics do not resonate, maybe seeing an example of how to apply the offered tools/teachings into a situation will give you an idea how to do it in your own life.

I have posted the first practical application. It can be found at:  2018-11-19 Practical Application

Warmth and Blessings to you and yours.