I opened this blog today to see if I had anything to share. I noticed the label I put on it – “Awakening to who we are.” Those were inspired words. I remember many times going back to the core of that and resonating with it, letting it bring me forward to where I was in the new moment. I went back and looked at when I began this share – July 2015 – almost four years ago.

I am curious of others are noticing what I am. So very much has changed in the last 4 years. I am so very different. Recently, it was reflected to me that “You know who you are now.” I could hear what they meant. I do. But it is not like what I expected it to look or feel like. Yet, I have really come a long way in awakening to who I am. It is tangible in my everyday life. I see things differently. I see how I can, and how I do, affect people I come in contact with. What I offer consciously has changed. Conversations with others has shifted. I feel I have something to give now. And in this, I am starting to notice I want to offer my gifts on a wider scale, and I am starting to notice I am looking for ways to do so.

So much in my life does not get completed anymore, it just gets moved to the next step. I think this is true here also. I have stepped into a completion of “Awakening to who I am” in that I am aware at a new tangible level of who I am. I have awakened to it. It is here, present, usable. And within it, is the capacity to awaken to that next step of who I am as a teacher. Not to limit it to being a teacher, but that is part of it, or that is one way I will choose to express it. For many reasons, I have always known I was a teacher even though I wasn’t one.

On the reread of that last paragraph, I saw fractals maybe. Within the completion of that which I had my attention on is, in this case, the capacity to awaken the next step. Things are really no longer linear, are they?

So much is really right / appropriate / founded in well-being. So much has really changed in my knowing my abilities and the difference I can make in a situation. It is good to take a pause sometimes and really notice where we are and what we have achieved. The platforms we are standing on are (or can be) moving very quickly now. I am getting the results I wanted. It really feels real now.