I woke at 3:33. I felt a gentle nudge to consider sharing more with the group who I am and what I see. There was much that I felt and saw in the energies and the words of the opening circle. I said a little then, but maybe it is time to speak more. I do feel this is an important time.

Today we travelled from Bury St. Edmunds to Glastonbury, stopping at the Rollright Stone Circle along the way.

On the bus ride to the stone circle, I felt very heavy. My eyes shut. I remember there was a scent in this space also, beautiful, enticing. I kept wanting more. I was aware, but not awake. I was aware of body sensations. I felt lightly turned on. I wondered if my body was preparing for meeting the land energies today.

Again, I felt strong energies just entering the area. I said hello. I introduced myself. I walked to the circle with intention. I felt a lot, was very aware. Someone was burning sage. I took my turn to be smudged before entering the circle with conscious intention. I felt the ceremony.

I was reminded I wanted to take my shoes off. I did. I stood firmly planted, facing the circle from the outside. My hands went to prayer position at the 3rd eye, heart, invented at root chakra. Somewhere in there – intention to receive all that is available to me now and offer to be of service in any way that I can. After the root piece, my hands went out to the side, palms facing down, making a channel, a funnel. I think it was receiving, energy coming up.

I entered the circle. I watched the way my body wanted to move and started to walk counterclockwise around the inside of the circle. At the tall stone, across from the grouping of shorter ones, I stopped. I put my palms out to connect with the energies. I ended up facing the inside of the circle, one hand on the stone and the other doing a slow movement. There was a point where all the energy whooshed up and I even looked up. And then it settled back down.

I continued around the circle, palms out again to open more senses. I noticed them getting more intense, so I stopped at that stone. Then I finished the circle. Then I started walking to the group forming a circle at the center. I sat across from Marcus.

Aluna spoke what she was seeing. One piece was very similar, with the energy going up to a galaxy with Saturn, and back down again. AA Michael came and said, “Yay!  You are learning to play the cello.” Ley line are strings. Us walking the ley lines are the bow. As we play one string, it resonates other ley lines.

Aluna spoke. Others spoke. Feeling the energy of this morning’s 3:33 journal writing, there came a point I needed to speak. I did not know what I wanted to say, so I raised my hand to get attention first. I don’t know what I said, but I spoke. I let the energy out. The conversation at lunch was very different.

I am noticing my love of England today. More like it is mine. More like this is my home. A deeper love. I am noticing the beauty of the countryside, the quaint little towns, the standing stones that appear as you turn a corner on a path. There is a softness in it.

Today at the stone circle, I thought about the new male guide again. I wonder if he was working with or through me at the circle. I am starting to think that what I thought was thinking is really becoming aware of. I am looking to remap that and be more consciously aware the next time I wonder if or have a thought like that.