As Above So Below, or as I like to play with it, fractals or macro / micro. In much in which I look, I can learn how other systems work. What I see in myself I can often apply to the community or to the country. And likewise, what I see in the broader community I can often apply to something I am looking at within myself.

We have water lilies in our pond. Wow, they are beautiful! They were thinned out recently and the leaves laid on the water and flowers opened in their own space right at water level. Just a couple weeks later, it is getting overgrown already. One day there is beautiful open pink lily, and the very next day a leaf had moved and covered it completely. The beauty is hidden. There is too much for that space.

According to one tradition from Atlantean times, before the “fall of consciousness” there was consciousness in the plant forms. They “knew” how much to grow to fit into a space. They knew how to maximize their beauty. It was not work to keep it maintained.

As this story was shared with me, I saw the chaos. Nature is chaos. It is too much. It just keeps growing. Nature is the feminine. The feminine is chaos. The “fall of consciousness” in some ways was simply the separation of masculine and feminine. Without the form of the masculine, the feminine, chaos, nature, has no boundaries. So it just keeps growing.

In this sight, I could see that the masculine, in its separation from the feminine, no longer had limitless access to energy, to growth, to anything and everything it wanted. And “lack” was born. And just as we effort now to keep, for example, plant life maintained and cut back, so we also effort to create abundance in other aspects of our lives. As I look at it, the word “abundance” would never have come into existence, would never have been needed or asked for, if the feminine and the masculine had not been separated.

To me, this is what Sacred Union is all about. This is what we are striving for. This union in all aspects of life, micro and macro.

A little while after these thoughts landed with me, I wondered if that is something I can start to bring in – even just a single plant that has full (united) consciousness restored and is capable of regenerating its own beauty, its own form, in the space that it is planted. As I say that now, I see that is linked to human physical longevity. And it was interesting, because once I had this idea land, I probably had three or four different conversations where this concept was highlighted again for me. People were speaking from different aspects, but I kept seeing the separation of the masculine and the feminine – and therefore, the beginning sights into Sacred Union – the what that might mean to me.