Understandings come in spirals. Tantra and sexuality as it pertains to creation has dipped in and out of focus for years now. It is never really tangible, but there have been glimpses of openings. Today I stumbled upon it again. It remains mental, an understanding only. But I know what I am seeing now is the opening to the usability … someday. It is me. I know it is.

I was answering a question on crystals and I shared a part of the meditation session we did the other day, our first healing session.

“I feel a vortex opening above us, a portal. It has that energetic feel like a thundercloud in the sense of something powerful amassing and responding. I am seeing particularly these two pointed crystals like lightning rods. There is a sense of a charging of a field of energy around the table.

“There is a sense of power building in this room, in this circle. Although we sit opposite, it is as though there is a circle with the way these crystals are set up. I am being pointed to this summoning process. It parallels with stone circles that I have never understood before. It is like creating a portal between spiritual domains and physical earth. And there is a charging process taking place.”

And simply put, there was a building of intensity and power within the circle until we reached a NOW moment “where this energy of enhanced well-being will be crystallized into certain structures within (the person’s) physical being.”

It was presented to us as a NOW moment, but what I really heard as I was writing that last sentence was “… until we climaxed …” And in that moment, I could see how the building of the energy was like the building of the sexual energy.

It seems to often be years before this puzzle piece spirals around again, so I think I will just let it sit as it is and not attempt to put more words to it. There is much in this space.