I slept great again last night. I fell asleep early and woke just after 6. It was more like one night’s good sleep than it was extended “nights” like I experienced the prior night.

Yesterday I started to feel the end of the pilgrimage. I can take it all in now.

Today is St. Nectan’s Glen, on the Morgana ley line. Sun and rain. Jayana (pronounced Jay-na) fell behind on the walk. The first time Marcus waited for her, I noticed and held back to walk with her. We went very slowly, and I stopped a lot. We both felt a presence behind us. I suggested we had a guardian watching over us.

I chose to notice how several of the others revered her, her age, her experiences, and I chose to hold a love-space, an honoring space, for her as we walked. I walked in love. I included my love for Gaia as I walked. I infused Jayana with positive vibrations, and constant gentleness and reminders to take all the time she needed. I helped lift her up the steps when she needed it. I felt stable. I felt she was safe.

The whole way, I pointed to the magic, the beauty, the energy of the woods we were in and the creek we were walking along.

We met up with the group. Jayana was able to take a short cut down to the waterfall. I stayed more to myself again. I just felt. I stood in front of the waterfall for a bit, leaning against the rock. I stopped halfway across the water on the stones, used the group essence turning in a circle. Love myself. Love Gaia. On the other side, I sprinkled herbs in three places.

We ate at the cafe. I had a good chat with Patti. Kay and I started talking. She asked how I was, and I went off on this tangent from more beautiful than I have ever been, to being a record keeper of ancient crystals, to I don’t know what. She said she missed me when we didn’t speak yesterday.

Walking back, we took the road instead of the path through the woods. I walked with Kay partway, but the held back to assist Jayana and Linda with positive energies, and a hand when requested.

I had been hoping to do the walk from Tintagel to Boscastle today. But the rain came down so hard when it did, that I decided I didn’t really want to.

We went to Rocky Valley Labyrinths next. We went there from a different parking lot than I have done before. I don’t know where it is in comparison with the coastal path. There are building walls there. Merlin and Morgana ley lines are squeezed together through the “hallway” the labyrinths are in.

One labyrinth is older than the other. One is at least 2000 years old. Marcus said he could feel both complete lines by putting his hands on both carved labyrinths at the same time. He felt a shaman could make corrections as needed at any of the sites on those lines from that access point.

I wasn’t the first, but I was pretty quick to take a turn. I squatted down, stable, comfortable, and put one hand on each labyrinth, fingers apart, in the center. I closed my eyes and suggested my hands go into the stone.

For a short time, I felt something in my left hand or arm. I felt I was receiving energy, something coming in. Then my attention was drawn to my right hand. In two places on my fingers, I felt a pulse. Mine? Gaia’s? I was aware of the heartbeat in my fingers touching the right-hand labyrinth. If anything, it felt like the energy was going out. I waited until the sensation lessened or was complete. I took 3 continuous breaths. Then I stood up for someone else to have a turn.

I started to read a sign that gave some information about the labyrinths, but I got lightheaded. I looked for a place on that wall to lean. I found a place where I was stable. I could partially sit, and the back of my head rested against a piece that came out a little.

I did not move. Every once in a while I tried to open my eyes to make sure the group was still there. My eyes would roll up into my head.

When it was time to go, my eyes opened. I was able to walk stably back to the bus. I was cohesive enough to do menu logistics and help with a drop off point for one of the women. I had no desire to do the walk back with her. As soon as all was cared for, I ate a protein bar, drank water, and closed my eyes until we got back.

Getting off the bus, I handed in the dinner menus, the breakfast menus, and spoke with my roommate. I did not even use the bathroom before I laid down. I just took off my rain gear, put a pillow under my knees and my head, and just laid there and breathed and watched different parts of me, including my feet and toes, spin.

I laid down that way for an hour. Slowly I came back and started to wake up. At dinnertime I still have almost a headache. I feel slow or dense, or weak, or tired, or heavy.

As I was writing, I put together the love I flowed through me – I called myself Angel Marybeth earlier today at St. Nectan’s Glen – and Marcus’ words on accessing the whole of both ley lines. Something happened with that combination today. The Angel Marybeth reference was a first for me today. I have never seen myself that way, but as I was walking, consciously flowing the love, I felt I was an angel. I felt I was an angel having a human experience in a few of those moments.

It was a great dinner with the family/team. Kay joined us. After which I took a nice bubble bath with lavender essential oil.