I call forth my destiny.

And I relax and breathe into this pilgrimage and all it opens for me.

Today we went to Stanton Drew. It is still the seven of us, and guides stepping in for Aluna and Marcus. Rensha and Vanesa took the bus with us. We met Sheila and Buffy. Walking in, Vanesa felt the guardian stone calling to her. We all started going there. Rensha came in and walked straight to the nearby square stone and asked us all to come there. Vanesa and Sheila said she (the stone) was okay with that. But it didn’t feel right to me. It was fine, but not magical. We did meditation, dance, and song, circling the square. That was great! There were bells for 8 of us. I watched mine make different geometric patterns and then come to stillness, even though the wind was strong. Young cows came closer, curious.

We were told we could wonder and then meet in the smaller circle of eight. I started around clockwise this time because I didn’t want to miss the female guardian stone. I spent a bit of time there and then continued around. I was aware of time and distance and decided to complete walking the circle in my head and found I was directly across from where we started.

Then I went to the smaller circle and picked one to lean against. Rensha, Vanesa, Sheila, and Buffy started to get out all the instruments. I moved to a closer stone and leaned against that. As others started playing instruments, I laid down on the earth. I felt the elements. The wind was blowing. The heat of the sun. And tiny droplets of water.

Sheila came and played a singing bowl around me. From my heart to yours.

Again, I said hello in this space. I offered my greetings to it. I asked to receive all that is mine to receive. I sang about remembering again, next levels of waking up. Frequencies I have been before. I offered the next level of service in that which is opening for me. I let go of what has been. I open to that which is already set up and in process of taking me to my next steps. Freedom. Love. Power. Fluidity. Knowing. Beauty.

Yawn on the way out. Not tired. More is releasing and complete.

Rain on the way home.