The end of June and all of July were filled with urgent business needs, family matters arising from the transition of beautiful Maggie, Rick’s mum, a week-long engagement for Rick in transformational breath work, decisions on what to do with physical stuff for departure from Glastonbury, packing and organizing for moving out and for three months of travel, logistics for the US trip, good-byes to friends we made, and a hello to the beautiful woman who was going to be renting the home we were letting go of. It was physically and linearly busy.

August for me was primarily time with my son and his family. I was with the grand kids for probably 60 hours each week. It was great, and was another busy time. Rick was with us for half the time and also had one week with the next level of transformational breathing and one week with his Clairvision group.

The first two weeks of September was devoted to family and friends in Michigan (or close.) I and we reached out to more extended family than I have done before, and did a pretty good job seeing most friends that wanted to get together also. We have missed seeing some very special people on this US trip, but mostly because the US is so darn big! It is logistically hard to get to all the different locations.

One week ago, we flew to Phoenix. We had not even booked a place to stay yet. Our fluidity is increasing as we used WiFi on the airplane to start to negotiate price for a home in Sedona, and to book a room in Phoenix for the night. We really enjoyed the stay at Drury Inn, and so booked an additional two nights. Monday, we set off to Sedona to walk through two homes available to rent. We have landed in a home on a golf course in Village of Oak Creek – with fabulous red rock right out our backyard.

Saturday, at the Drury Inn, was the first time in a long time I felt I had time and space again. It was also the first time in quite a while I felt like I wanted to start writing again. Last night Rick asked me where I was with things, what I was working with, if anything. And I listened to myself respond. I heard myself saying things I was not really aware of before that moment. And I heard myself trying to put words to experiences I was noticing on one level, but had not tried to bring “down” yet. The next phase of life is beginning.