It is good to connect and clear first. I am open to what comes through today. I am aware of two nights in a row where I have been working on something known and when I awake, it is not known. Today I have no idea what it pertained to. It was step one, like an A. It was obvious and I knew how to practice it. But it was gone by the time I got to my office, just steps from my bedroom. Yesterday was different. I was playing in at least one thing over night. There was one I chose to focus on. My words from yesterday to Rick were that is was about time /space continuum and I recognized I was bringing that knowing into my life here. I was back and forth in this space maybe five times that night, but still could not remember as I came into this beautiful body that holds me here.

So, I am past frustration or thinking I should be able to do this. I am pleased it has spiralled around again and I am working on it.

I intend to write daily, minimum 40 days to make it a habit and see what opens. The thought of writing always makes me excited. Let’s give it another chance.

I have also come back around to reading past channelled pieces more consistently. There is much available to me easily to continue to open this space.

Pause. Thinking about the different segments I read last night. But a pause indicates I am thinking, and I prefer to be connected and to write from the flow. I prefer to be the flow. Maybe it is about the writing. Maybe it about the strength training or the body movement. Maybe it is immersing myself it all the books/classes that draw my attention. Some are back in my space now, a desire to connect to knowledge available in many teachings.

Again, a pause in the writing. That line took me into thinking. I have five minutes left. Maybe an Alexa reminder would work well as that does not need to be stopped if I am in flow.

So, what now? What wants to come through in these next couple minutes? I am committed at a new level of my beingness to this next step. I think overnight I was letting go consciously in this body of the holdback to taking the next step in being the Great Goddess – analogy – lack of better words. I have been aware for a week of a next step available. It comes with it a belief or a knowing that I will change yet again and will become less seen, less understood by some. Yes, less seen in daily life. But more seen on another dimension, more seen, more usable by many. I do choose to allow me to see me more fully. It was always me who didn’t see me. It was never that I wasn’t supposed to exist, be seen. It was never that all others could not see me. I just never understood the reflections back I received. Now I do. Now, I am willing to see me.

And yes, fully, in the light of day, in this awake state in my physical body, I am ready to take this next step that is being offered. And with that statement, my physical body took a deep breath in and out. It can relax into this knowing I bring. It felt like an affirmation from the physical, in alignment, in agreement. And so it is.