Day 15. Sunday, 11 September 2022

I woke early today. I am starting to think about next steps after the pilgrimage. I got up early. I had plenty of time to pack and eat. I was doing something on the phone when I got the first text from Ed. Mostly, I read what came in. I only had time to respond to one before we needed to leave. But on the way to Merrivale, I felt into all Ed wrote. And we had a lot of time again, so I responded. I answered all his questions from feeling them, from really connecting in.

Merrivale was another unique, amazing site. We walked across water lined by stone. That had a prominent feel. I could have just spent time there. There were two paths lined by stone, built 1000 year apart, marking, I think it was, the Pleiades. Plus, the alignment of different stones marked various parts of the solar or lunar calendars. I find this so fascinating.

Farther up field, there was a large standing stone and a nearly complete stone circle. We processed, Marcus leading and drumming, through the stone lined path, with some wild ponies watching us. We stayed in procession all the way to the four-sided standing stone. We all touched the stone as we did a group meditation with Marcus leading us, connecting earth to heaven and heaven to earth.

We then went to the stone circle and formed a circle, bringing the energy back together as a group and giving time for anyone to speak.

Aluna spoke of those that lived here before and their constant connection to the earth, and their purpose to feed nature. I felt that for myself walking in. I thought about walking the land more, connecting in more. Maybe doing work with Emma.

Let this connection I have had with England change me.

And then back on the bus. And I read the excited texts from Ed. He sees I am a writer. In some ways, of course I knew this and know this. But in another way, I saw this in a new way. I know this is my next step. This is what I am reaching for. It is time to write and publish my first book.

I am scared. I have tears. I have support all around me. I started to listen to a recording from Moments with Marybeth before I left and I heard value in the content. Emma has validated that, too. There might be enough already to put out the first book. It is all coming together. And I still acknowledge the fear. I just feel Ed holding me through this in his excitement. I feel Rick’s love and support. I feel Emma’s love and support. Tears.

And so it begins.

A new life.

From the Book of Life, or the Destiny Cards/Source Cards, this year starting on my birthday, just before pilgrimage began, I have the 8 of Clubs as my long-range energy. Use this to write my book. Eight is power. Clubs is mental energies. Combined, this energy that is with me throughout this year brings success in professions such as speaking, writing and teaching. The power comes through by focusing on definitive objectives. The energies align. Of course, they do, but still it is always nice to see it so clearly.  

Day 16. Monday, 12 September 2022

Today is our last day of the pilgrimage.

This morning I woke in clarity. The fear of writing my first book has passed for now, allowing excitement to start to find a way through. I feel like I can do this with the support I feel around me. I have had people offer to help before. They were excited, but I could not find a way in. I feel like I can now. I feel like it will open. It is the time.

I am an author.

I look forward to commencing my new life … as an author. That is much easier to tell people what I do then. Makes me laugh at the simplicity. I hear myself saying I can always tell when I get to the core because suddenly everything is simple.

We went to Old Sarum. The ley lines were in the church and chapel outside the old town. We did meditation and group circle there.  

From Stonehenge, the Sun, we were now on the Earth line. An excellent space and day to ground the new clarity and simplicity that landed for me. I am an author. I see taking this next step with Rick. Simple. Feels great. All is well within me.

In the closing circle, we were reminded that infusing love in the land was the goal, feeding the earth. We did it by the care and love we each showed throughout the pilgrimage with all that was challenging personally and as a group.

There was a lot of surprise we made it through. There was lots of talk of learning to take just the next step.

I did not speak in closing. I could think of things to say, but just did not feel the need. I felt complete with what landed this morning. I had experiences on the land throughout the pilgrimage, but in the end, my takeaway was this next step and really feeling this is the beginning of a new life.