I brought back a concept from the sleep space Sunday morning.

Ohh … maybe first I should take a moment to notice and celebrate I was able to do that consciously!!! Woohoo!! That celebration was for my Uncle Lee with a big smile and lots of love.

The words that came when I was waking were Lord of power and might. I did understand at the time, that was referring to me. And, when I tried speaking it for the first time in sharing this with Rick, the words that were present to speak were, “I AM the Lord of power and might.”

Yes, it feels awkward to write that. But I am used to awkward. Used to happen a lot more than it does now. So, moving on …

I feel this to be masculine energy.

I also see a piece this morning around the Baha’i faith and a concept I have not understood to this time, around what I will call the male human body here. Only men can be appointed to the Universal House of Justice. When asked why, it was stated that “One day, it will be as clear as the nose on your face.”

This feels to me like, since I have just recognized and acknowledged I have integrated, or I am the goddess energy, the next step is to integrate the god energy.

Yes, I have no idea what to do with this. It is just a new concept.