Day 11 of the pilgrimage. Wednesday, 7 September 2022

I had a great night’s sleep. I feel I had several nights’ sleep. It was deep. The night before was also. I felt depth. I felt well-being. I felt my heart. I don’t have many words for the space I was in. Maybe a deep peace.

I am awake by 6:30. My roommate is still sleeping. I feel great. I feel alive and present.

There are no immediate messages to attend. I have not checked Email, but I did yesterday.

Today is a new day. We are in Boscastle, and we are heading into Tintagel today.

On the island, the Merlin and Morgana lines connect over past the edge where the King Arthur statue is.

Near the entrance, the room over Merlin’s cave has a spiral energy.

It was flooded, so we could not get in, but the suggestion was to try toning in the long tunnel. The Morgana line runs through it. Merlin runs through Merlin’s cave and King Arthur. The chapel, on the road to the church, holds the Morgana line. It was not open when I checked.

Ley lines are grids. New grids. New geometries. Ley lines meet and form geometries. I have heard and worked with these words for a very long time. I sense I am starting to hear.

A thought from yesterday landed, about passing the baton. The thought was something about me. In the feeling, I received it energetically. Whatever the thought was, the second thought was – is that ego talking? That is not a normal thought for me. I remember Aluna voicing, if you hear a doubt, look at the thought before, it is often your truth. I do wish I could remember the first thought.  

I felt great today. So much Joy being back in Tintagel. It was super windy, as is pretty usual when I have been there. So alive. I loved talking about Merlin.

It is time to know Morgana in the same way. Or Lady of the Lake.

In Merlin’s cave, I just wanted to call it a dragon space, I mostly sat on a rock. I noticed the white quartz seam along the roof. Eyes open or shut. Touching the stone. Sometimes toning. When I was done, I got up to go outside to watch the waves. At that moment, Marcus and Aluna got up and said it was time to start to leave.

I completed my first round of Three of Clubs and Three of Spades courses. I know I want to work more with this course, create for me, and use in my work with others. It feels like it has always been a part of me. It comes from the line of the Magi, of course, back to Merlin and magic.  

The Order of the Magi was present today. My new Merlin statue was present today. Somehow, I felt this morning, that the arm mudra I often do, arms twisted in eagle position and fist on my forehead is connected to the Three of Clubs vertical energy.