Hello! Blessings. Greetings.

I come to another point in my life where I desire to write again, to share somewhat where I am. I am joining a pilgrimage in three days. We will be walking the Michael line in England. My understanding of the purpose is to infuse love and joy into the earth at these ancient sacred sites. My intention is to be open and present to the magic and opportunity, If it is anything like previous pilgrimages I have been on, I will be writing each day to capture and share what I experience and what I see.

I woke today in a very expanded state. And I was seeing different levels of what I will call reality but am aware not all these realities are shared. I observed the opportunity to begin to land the “less real” ones into more of a shared reality, somewhat by choosing to believe in it.

The words came back to me that were spoken earlier this year: The stability you have attained allows you to rotate around the centeredness of your being, this externally projected world. From your point of stability, this world becomes progressively more your world. As you align these energies with Mother Earth, then this world is potentially yielding and opening more to the joyful and stable expansion of your being.

And so it is.

I have continued this year strengthening the container. I am strength training, happy with the way I am eating, and have started HRT.

My birthday was two days ago. It was a day of celebration. It was energetic. I do not have a lot of words. I had to wear a red dress. It is the same one I wore for my first offering of Moments with Marybeth. I feel it as my “I am showing up” expression.

I have been playing within the Book of Life modality, both looking at how the energies of last year played out and starting to feel what is available to me this year.

This morning I was back in my “drama queen” energies of years past, where I feel everything is so big right now. And I have said yes to that. I am ready to play.