Rick and I recently came together to address a specific question an acquaintance had asked of us. I was really intrigued in looking at how that played out in the levels of the answer we brought in.

The question specifically was one person looking at how to expand his existing business to touch more people. The question and answer can be found at this link: 2018 Oct 16 How Do I Develop My Existing Business?

As I was putting this together, I saw another layer to this I had not seen earlier. This answer was specifically someone that knows what he wants to create, an expansion in ability to reach more people in what he has created, what he has to offer. Yet, as I read it, I saw equally the answer to this underlying question that many are having that feel boredom and do not know what to do next. People are ready to make a move with respect to spiritual engagement. There is a desire there, and yet they do not necessarily see a way to engage, or an energy to be followed. What people are desiring is an energy that may be ridden, just as the surfer is looking for that wave on which to engage. This discourse really addresses such fundamentals. How do we create flows? How do we accelerate flows? I saw in this the basics to gain clarity on next steps forward for a specific desire, and also a way to create a flow of energy to look at what you want to engage with, to know what some of your choices are.